Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For thousands of years mankind is being told that it's not from earth. We're being told that we can not sufficiently feed ourselves from that, which nature produces, that we are not part of nature to begin with. We've been brought here by some outside source, be that god or other aliens, or- for the most acknostic people- that we largely outgrew our dependency from nature, evolved beyond its sufficient support. Every angle seems to be covered to make us believe that we can only rely on inventions of some special peers of ours, who devoted their lives to the study which ever field that develops our means of survival. You can't live without the goods from the supermarket, the medicin from the pharmacy, the vehicles from the industries and- most importantly- without money. Nature works against you, parasites, bacteria, virus, plants, insects, animals and even the weather, water and the sun are all out to kill you. The only reason you are still breathing is because other alien beings, namely humans such as yourself, are keeping you alive, protecting you from the harmful planet you've been dropped on. You just need to beg for their money, which then is given to you, so you can give it back to them in order to be save. It doesn't matter if you want to do what you're doing, just as long as you do what seems to be useful to them or at least not harmful and keeps you occupied. Thinking, for example, is a harmful thing to do. What if you had enough time and not enough distraction so that you recognize the insanity of this setup. What if you somehow figured out that you're not an alien?! You may realize that the tomato you just had in your salad, along with all the rest, actually grows voluntarily on this hostile earth. That your oil is from olives or other seeds that also grow on the same soil by the same means. What if you begin to understand that your cat or your dog is almost identically to yourself in principle. Skull, spinalchord, ribs, arms, legs, hands, feet, heart, liver, kidneys, intestins, lungs, blood, brains, nails, teeth, hair, skin, sleeping, eating, dumping, communicating, playing and a real appreciation for feeling safe. Maybe the same aliens where putting those on earth, too. The bible says so for sure. In fact, the bible did a big mistake, because it had the same alien put all of life on earth, aside from putting earth to where it is now along with all the rest. So eventually people saw no reason not to believe that nature could give us all we need and used the herbs and energies we could receive for free. Soon enough they were burned on the stake for doing so and the bible had to be taught differently again. It still says the same things, but it's made to be understood in a different way. The establishment made yet again use of a distinction between man, animal and plants. While the alien boss put all of it together, his sons would mingle with his creation and produce our race, alien to his own creation, back into the mix. Again, if you fail to believe that story, you're being given a bunch of other options, none of which you can proof personally, but there's at least one thing in there that sounds plausible enough to detach you from the simple and beautiful truth. We're all children of earth. We have developed and still are developing by the ingenuity of a system for transformation that has an ultimative agenda, which we can only speculate about, but which permits us to recognize that we are in a perfect symbiosis with all of life, most likely not just that on earth.
Here's a dramatic example you may think about, even if I have not taken the time to go into the exact details of it, but it's a raw concept for your understanding. Cancer is merely a failure of our immune system. Roughly speaking, if your immune system is in perfect or at least very good condition, you should not encounter any tumors in your body. Here's what happens within you every single moment of your life. As a cell requires duplication for the renewal or reparation of any system of your body, it essentially clones the DNA string it holds and passes it on into the newly creating cell. This cloning process is not always perfect. When something goes wrong and the new DNA string is faulty, your immune system recognizes it and flushes out the whole new cell to make way for another attempt. When, however, your immune system is compromised and certain parts of your body are producing wrongly cloned cells more frequently than the immune system can flush out, it will miss that chance and the newly created faulty cell, still able to procreate, will do so. Faulty growths are happening. What the medical industry does to you then is a stunning thing. They make you go through chemotherapy, destroying your immune system almost completely. In this sudden reset, there might be a chance that somehow your system recovers and goes through something like a general maintance run, which may attack the tumors then, if that's what they were thinking, but it essentially is an equivalent to bloodletting, which was yet another beautiful idea of the medical establishments in earlier days. Cutting into the tumor also risks spreading the faulty cells throughout your body, while the weak immune system then won't be able to fight it elsewhere either and more growths start happening. What you should do instead is to heal up your immune system, target it directly with the best boost you can get. One example are intraveniously injected high amounts of vitamine C along side a change in diet that supplies your cells with all the necessary material to neatly copy themselves as well as a good supply of energy for that process. Plenty of fruits and vegetables give you those supplies, while some herbs my help targetting specific deficiencies. At the same time you should stay away from foods or habits that would harm your system. Depending on how timely you switch into this gear, you may heal yourself from cancer, even if it already has given you some tumors. Should a tumor be lifethreatening already, it still appears most important to ramp up your immune response before cutting into it. But I don't know these things, because I have not devoted my life to this research. Others do that already and it's wise for you to learn from them. But they are not too easy to find and often ridiculed. They didn't buy into the alien theory and are fortunate enough that burning at the stake is not so trendy anymore. So while they're still alive, you may consult them. Start by looking for Gary Null, for example. Although I can only hope he forgives me, in case I made some dramatic mistakes in my above explanation. It's merely something I have deduced from various things I've read, combined with my imagination. That is our true power and our true fault. We learn from each other, but if we're being mislead we may run into a dangerous or even deadly direction. But we also learn from ourselves, if we focus on our instincts. Every creature on this planet seems to be born with enough information to survive, given the "normal" circumstances. The same goes for us. How far it goes is a different story, but I wouldn't be surprised, if only minimal guidance would help us into a healthy life with few educational hick-ups.
Our society, however, has given us a deadly environment, as removed from nature as possible and as filled with hazards for every part of ourselves as possible. The moment we plunge into life, we are being lead into the way of life it promotes. Very little chance is given to us to wake up out of the nonsense, recognize the abuse and regain our understanding for what we are and what we need to do. Nature still wants to be our driving force, but we deny it to ourselves. Our brilliance, our creativity, our sense of responsibility, our compassion, our curiosity, in various degrees it's all part of everyone of us and it makes us want to do things. And not just procreation, as the establishment wants you to believe. It's not murdering either, or laziness, or uselessness, or sadism, or hate, or stupidity. Those are all the imposed traits we are being manipulated by. Certainly there are weaknesses, but that's where our collaboration, our abiltiy to work with each other, comes into play. Natures plan was to recognize the power of group building organisms. From the lowest levels to the highest complexities, it's always been about cooperation. But not a forced cooperation, but a freely discoverable and relatable cooperation. It does not have a boss, but a common goal. It has guidance that emerges out of sharing revelations. Ideas that are not entirely beneficial can be used as inspiration to find an even better solution. Hardly any idea comes from a no-need situation. That means, since we yet have to master all we really have to master, new ideas will always be necessary.
But right now, as we've been pushed out of our original understandings, we may need to find some old ideas again, too. Nature is a giant symbiosis and within it we find all that we need to exist. It's not just a very old idea, but a truth we may never be able to entirely detach from. Eventually we will take all of nature with us, where ever we may go, but for now it's important to realize: You are a creature from earth. You are nature. The fabric you are made of is the fabric that will be returned to it, but in the meantime you should embrace the billions of years nature as transformed to arrive at you as a proud result. You carry with you the value of an entire planet, you are one amazing incarnation of earth, but so is everyone and every other form of life on it and you should recognize and respect it. Also know, that you are claiming the highest of responsibilities, if you decide to kill something. At this moment you assume to be a judge of earth. Can you understand life beyond yourself? Do you even know, who or what you are? Defending your life and that of others is a noble choice, but even then any murdering is a sign of catastrophical weakness. You should always know, at least, that you are the weakest one in any situation that makes you kill anyone, any part of nature. That which has died by your hand has not been given the chance to exhibit greater weakness than yourself.

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