Monday, February 14, 2011


We adhere to what we are, believe survival is personal. We're meant to see our future in our kids, think that our species will have to persist. We look at life as if a gift, like we were there already to exist. As if it's in and out of being whole, sustain our glory as a goal. But then we miss the greatest vision; transformation is life's mission. We only guess what was before, much like a hobby to explore. Yet, somehow simply we conclude, that winning meant not to delude what god has granted us to be, like he expected us to see, that on his stunning godly plant we're the beginning with no end. That it's our duty to ignore the truth that lingers in our core, which holds some different revelations that transcent both peers and nations. Says we'll never really know, but feel and hope and wish to grow beyond confines of fear and loss and read with some obedience the path with marks that tickle all which we perceive as love

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