Tuesday, June 28, 2011

infants of the universe

I believe that humans are the universe's infants of higher consciousness. We're narcissistic and urging for reason, confused and needy to be given a purpose we may recognize. While we carry god's energy and glimmer sensibly on the strings of infinity, we know rage and passion as a trait from the womb of sentience more than patience, faith and acceptance about our finite function in the creation beyond us.
Initially we were meant to be guided by accepting our divine instructions and controlled by understanding this importance. This control eventually got substituted with money. And money didn't require a divine explanation, slowly but surely detaching from the original intent and eventually depriving us of all connection to the original reasoning. Now money is the baby formula for us infants of higher consciousness, feeding our narcissism and tying us fastly to the material realm in which we only know survival and beg for comfort in ignorance. Little is left of our awareness about the ultimate truth. This truth provides great liberation with only little responsibility in the great scheme of things, but great responsibility amongst ourselves. It may well be that we are vessels to bring forth the proper reconnection to the highest being. It cannot be our individual survival, meaning that only one of us will eventually present the ideal outcome, while all of us are required to help the very process that may lead up to the birth of such a redeemer. It may still be many thousands of generations before the goal is achieved. We may encounter yet more fundamental refinements to our physical composition, much like Noah's children, who's generations we represent. But we have much to proof to be found viable for augmentation rather than replacement. For that we best recognize the corruption of our understanding by the substituted control through money. Trade has brought forth the deception of it as paramount. Dependency on it to maintain our divine obligation to survive in a healthy fashion has become contrived and reformulated a logic we could sense to the point of inaccessibility.
Kings used to rule, truly appointed by god to guide and enforce our endeavors to fulfill our original purpose. It is our diversity and the tremendous complexity of the puzzle we are meant to solve over countless generations, which had required oversight and maintenance of direction.

When did the kings fall? The kings fell to money. This is my observation and my opinion, nothing else. But as such it is my belief, that by the time we resume actively our understanding of this ultimate purpose to have children, nurture and guide them properly so that they may aspire to have children of their own and hand on the best of our understanding so that one day we may produce the ideal link to the infinite. Along the way we would have to learn to accept that it is our privilege to exist, to experience and to apply all the powers that are given to us with clarity. We may find the core of wisdom within ourselves and can hope to encounter a guide that may shorten the time it takes for us to get there. All our ingenuity is requested, all our diligence, endurance and creativity. We shall help each other in the best of ways and support each other to do so, too. The tools we forge should represent the best of our comprehension and abilities. But the path to the goal should never get compromised by pride and all other kinds of fear. No king should want to stand in the way nor any moneys.

And if it was the best we can hope for, let us become children of the universe instead.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Singularity: Another brainstorm point

This is just a brief thought.

What if the singularity as our "origin" was a misunderstood fact. What if its trait was not the containment of mass, but the potential fundamental component that- by its behavior- creates all that we perceive as mass. Meaning that it's the single, lowest component of the build up of all dimensions to come.

What if this singularity was repeating its state with specifically directed alterations (motion so to say), while each repetition of previous repetitions represented a new dimension and in this manner it would build up a matrix in the first three dimensions. Upon this matrix, subsequent repetitions would produce aspect by aspect the substance, transfer of certain states or momentum and therefore a form of communication. The time that we perceive and the processes that we can measure are only carried on the original matrix and are not subject to the speed in which the singularity itself is moving. We only measure the occurrence and transfer of states from the 4th dimension forward (time on the matrix = space time).

What if we are one of billions of repetitions that will eventually produce a state of a following dimension after ours.

What if the speed of light reflects the amount of time it takes for all previous dimensions (after the 3rd) to produce the shape or state of our dimension. 1.0/~300,000,000,000 seconds to define all states along the length of a centimeter. The energy that we measure can only be transferred through finalized states of previous dimensions. To travel any faster would require to transport information in a lower dimension. Although it would be imaginable to assume that the similarity in any repetition within the previous dimension to ours could suffice to predict with some accuracy where something would be transported to, the consequences could equally be catastrophic. Whereby this all could well be total nonsense, too, of course.

What if the major trait that defines the character of our dimension is the ability to think, decide beyond simple reaction. Every move we make defines the path or development of all previous dimensions. Therefore, everything we do would be defined by decisions in the following dimension. The complexity this process would require must take in account our trait of thinking. Therefore a certain kind of margin must be known, while a certain kind of instruction might be given to us, so that we can successfully arrive at what ever state this upper dimension wants us to be, so to say.

Involuntarily we interfer and interact with all previous dimensional processes. We take them for granted and react to how they manifest within ours. If intelligence itself has been a trait of a previous dimension, even if it was purely reactive, and our dimension allows us to overcome the purely reactive behavior, then imagine the tremendous power and awareness of the next. I shall leave that to theology. :o)