Monday, June 06, 2016

Reclaim Yourself!

How late this is, how bent we are. I wished one could tell people to stop swallowing the lies and manipulations we are being fed. I still want to believe, that people will realize that media produces a much worse picture of the world than it actually is, simply because this is its method to project a certain orientation for how "they" want life to play out, hoping that mankind will catch on to it.
The kids don't really know. They seek orientation. Parents, in their right minds, are meant to provide it to them, but instead they are being sucked away into the ever growing pressure of surviving in a society, designed to take them away from family. Thus parents have to give up their children to organizations, meant to condition the next generation and deprive them of their real powers and confuse these poor souls so that the only way they can find answers is by asking, rather than thinking for themselves. Take away a reality that makes sense and a mind can't find answers within itself.

Are we really here? Are we really in a world where parents abandon their kids into something as harmful as gender confusion? Where is the harm in that you might ask. It's really kind of simple and has nothing to do with confined morals of religions or the likes. This is about sending these kids into a life of looking at themselves and listening to those, who support their uncertainty. It turns such supporters into controllers and the children into mindless, self-absorbed and distracted drones. Instead of finding out what tools they've been given in this life to actually become useful to the world around them in a way that makes them truly happy, they become preoccupied with grooming the delusion with which they were being infused and never find access to their true joy, to knowing that they are being loved for what they really are and to meet true appreciation for what they can really do.

An army of victims is being raised...not by their parents, but by the opaque powers that reveal only the means to their desires through media in all forms, through rules formed and imposed not to govern a healthy mankind in transition to growing greatness, but to misshape a future that justifies consequences that are in service of what ever the hell they believe has to happen.

Over all of this we so easily forget that we ARE the universe. Yes, we have the form of humans, we have the powers given to our manifestation and the ability to perform new and unique wonders as well as the mind to create a paradise of and for life. Only on our way there we will find answers to why we are what we are. They are given to us in our actions. But those actions have to be "true".

Whether you believe in a God or think reason defies such ideas, consider that everything that happens in the universe creates explanations for what caused it to happen, producing a massive chain of logic, which will adhere to its stabilized concept and continues to happen over and over again. This chain grows with every subsequent dimension, which doesn't get "bigger" in terms of physical size, but bigger in terms of complexity. This complexity manifests in the smallest of systems such as a brain in the physical world. It's conceivable that we represent the head of such chain of logic and our actions are meant to explain for why we are what we have become. This puts a pretty big responsibility in our hands. If we fail to make sense of our chain of logic, it cannot become a stabilized concept. But stability does not mean stagnation or holding on to rigid traditions of sorts. We have to consider the nature of our concept. It is our nature to innovate, to create, to change, to adapt, to reason, to combine lower and higher nature to receive power in the form of love, empathy and joy for our desires to act to the best of our abilities and ever growing understanding. We are meant to explore, we are meant to optimize life, not to ignore it, defy it or even destroy it. We are meant to discover nature in and around us to work symbiotically and intelligently not for a goal we would need to know, but for taking ourselves and our children ever closer to what it is we may be able to fulfill eventually. And it will not be a revival of old concepts or the maintenance of ancient hierarchies. Our power will not reflect greatness in the form of dominance over our own suppressed civilization, nor will that represent stability to the chain of logic in our trail. It would break it. But why would we allow that, if we knew better? And I do firmly believe we do know better.