Saturday, June 02, 2018

Ruled by Darkness

Mankind is ruled by what one might call "The Dark Side". I'm not talking about "good" or "bad", but about what aspect of a simplified duality- that enables physical existence- has taken reign over us all. In order to be, something has to create and something has to hold on to that creation. Like a pendulum or the ticking of a mechanical clock, the process of existence goes through these two phases, roughly speaking. You could also imagine a cycle, where the first half of the cycle would rotate onto a new location, while the second half goes back to its origin or original orientation. This is likely the better visualization, because it is easier and more accurate, if we were to consider even the most fundamental process that makes up "the universe we are in and part of".
Just for the sake of this model, imagine the first half to be the "light" side, the creative force, the exploration of new possibilities, innovation, while the second half, the way back, adjusts the foundation accordingly to maintain the "home", so to speak. Considering the idea of total absence of everything before "the beginning", one could say that the origin was total "darkness", while the step into being was "the beginning" itself and as such the creation of "light". That makes the first half dedicated to the light and the second half dedicated to the darkness. Even as the origin then gradually shifts to where light has brought it, like if you were driving towards the light, you would see it. Looking back would be seeing the darkness, even if you stop before you were inside of darkness itself.
Anyway, the motive to maintain is equal to "looking back", while the motive to create turns the eyes toward the light.
Now, too few of us all understand mankind's own governing mechanisms, the construct humans (most likely, haha) have generated above society in order to manage it or "maintain" it. This construct, consistent of legal systems, trading and property or ownership, is above what we call "nations". It rules this game in which all are players, who subscribe to it by implied consent; meaning that those who do not voice their disagreement are considered to agree, even if they've never heard the question knowingly!
This is how mothers sign away (technically abandon) their own babies to the "king", who grants permission to these mothers to raise the child, unless the mothers do anything undesirable, at which point the child can legally be taken from them, since it is not theirs anymore anyway. But that's already a tangent.
My point is that the system that governs mankind acts in the nature of maintenance, the darkness, and not in the nature of the light, creation. This may seem perfectly logical to most of us, since we actually do not know it any different. Ideally, however, one could see the ideal in the form of balance. Shouldn't it be something that favors neither darkness, nor light, but simply observes and guides both processes?
Instead, it is all to easy to observe how the dark side perverts creation, holds back true innovation, the promotion of freedom and realization of free will (complicated topic to some!!!). It favors the holding on to its own traditional power, ready to sacrifice subjects (us), if "need" be.
To be clear, though, the process of being as we know it requires both sides. It is the very nature of existence. The mistake is simply the favoring of one side over the other. It asks for a certain kind of balance. It's not about absolute balance, because this would naturally result in stagnation, but instead it's about a gentle kind of rocking back and forth, so to say. The challenge is to find out how far it has to rock into one direction over the other and when should it reverse again?!
To me it appears as if we're about to hit the moment, when we have to begin looking towards the light again. Maybe those of us like me simply are still used to the light and have a hard time as the world rocks backwards, so to say. Maybe we find the answer simply when we ask this question to the world: Do you want to create, exploring new possibilities with the real wisdom we have already to work with or do you want to maintain, hiding away this ancient wisdom so that mankind remains oblivious to its own power and takes a backseat to existence?
Yes, yes, that's already a ruthlessly biased formulation of the question, but if you sum up what is going on in the world, you can realize that fear, suffering, anger and sadness are much easier to find than true joy and dedication with clarity and faith. This is so, because the dark side needs you to not create, to look back, to stand still. The very word "faith" has been perverted into a kind of "holding-on", holding you back, because you dare not challenge "faith". But faith really means to be unafraid, to have faith as you realize what you truly want to accomplish in life. It does not mean to literally adhere to dogma. There's a lot more to be said about the mechanisms of how we are being tricked into submission, but this article hopefully seeds a thought worthy of pondering over. It did to me!