Wednesday, February 03, 2021

The Lord's Prayer

 No doubt, some of you may think I was losing it right now completely, but bare with me on this one, for it's fairly amazing, I promise!

Of all people, decent programmers have the perfect conditioning to come to a deep appreciation of the Christian doctrine. While their understanding will most probably lead to some raised eyebrows or even resistance among religious folks.

The premise here goes:  

The Lord's Prayer tells you all you need to know on the most fundamental level and provides the most important guidance you need. 

But for that to work, you have to actually understand what it means and that's not trivial at all.

For some time now I've been talking about how our uncorrupted will represents our ideals, which reflect our highest understanding beyond that of the body and its mind. One could call it the soul's understanding or what we "desire"(will) or keep conscious in our "heaven" beyond life on Earth. When we come to Earth, we have to learn how things are working here and then try to somehow implement our highest ideals in some way and gather new experiences to possibly evolve them, too. This includes debugging and testing, actually. Some call this the "Soul-Plan". Part of it some call "Karma", but let's skip all this for now.

The goal, as far as I come to imagine, is for us to figure out how we can all develop an intuitive way to work together, that allows us to integrate fully the best of our "heavenly" understanding. This way we can create a system for ourselves, that allows us to create solid "loops" or "pathways/patterns" for our actions so that a true quantum can manifest in our current "dimension".

Now, we are all "source", we all are complex manifestations of source energy, so to say. There once was "nothing", or "everything" in chaos, pure potential. Suddenly a pattern emerged for some reason and it was. And it was in chaos until it formed another pattern. And so on. For every pattern that comes to be there is a chaos ahead. Inside the pattern ideals form. They will be known. But the more complex the pattern, the more different ideals can develop in the same pattern. By the time we find our infinite self, we have near infinite variations of potential ideals, each our own, yet, with references to fundamental ideals we all may share.

Earth is chaos. It itself does not yet represent a solid pattern. We are its elements, we create its motion, we are tasked to create its pattern.

We do this by implementing our "higher will", not to stoically project it as is, but as best it can be.

Now for the programmers:

Jesus is the abstract human super class. Its structure shows us the human potential, the given fields and available methods. It was formulated by the "source", which may be looked at as the parent. Jesus represents part of the means to manifest "the will of the father", so to say. It itself cannot be instantiated (haha), but every soul can accept it as super class and will have to implement all abstract methods according to their best understanding. As such then they will become an instance on Earth, a human being.

The challenge is to open up to the complexities that arise on Earth and to be able to find your way. You have to both be able to let go of what you "know" and stay true to your "will", all at the same time.

For that you must be detached from what you "knew". As a result you will find yourself on Earth with a "blank slate", always having to learn anew how things run here. You "know" nothing. But everyone around you will tell you what they know. And what they know is where their will was leading them to. And gradually everything becomes awash, the chaos is not resolved, yet, but the patterns that emerge from those, who somehow had managed to implement their will most successfully, begins to corrupt the freedom of everyone else, including yours. And there comes a time when the means to live get turned on their head (live<>evil - yes, it is a little bit silly, but still...interesting). All this has been known for a very long time. Long enough to let "The Lord's Prayer" become a way to remind us of the fundamentals. It's just that we got confused regarding "the father". It is not somebody else. It is you, it is your root, your source. We are all variations, greater complexities of patterns within the patterns within the patterns...of the source.

Earth is the becoming expansion or extension of "the kingdom". Let's just go through it real quick and forego the whole "thy" for less confusion.

 "Our Father in heaven" (the source)

"hallowed by your name" (bring to completion the "name", which really is "the verse" or "sound" and very important to understand!)

"Your kingdom come" (see above, make this "world" a proper extension- or part- of the source)

"Your will be done on Earth as in heaven" (not " it is..."), which means "like you know by your higher ideals".

"Give us each day our daily bread" ("daily" is plain wrong, the original word out of the Greek was "epiousios", alluding to- and I quote- "superessential"/"supersubstantial". Could simply mean: "The bread we need", as in:"Let us recognize and consume the abundance we are being given here on Earth")

"And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone indebted to us" (So vital, for our focus must be to manifest ideals and not get hung up on the chaos of the past. It can only ever be in the way. Learn from it by informing your ideals, but don't get stuck because of it!)

"And do not bring us into temptation, but rescue us from evil" (Although "evil" is a translation of the Greek word "pon─ôrou", which means MUCH rather to help us through the grievous toil and acknowledges thereby the tremendous challenges we are facing here. It's well worth it to expand on that topic, for we are truly in a fairly big crisis because of just this exact challenge!)

"For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Amen" (Almost a redundant thing to add and just a last reminder that you need not worry too much, because it all will keep going until it works out and then only to yet raise the manifestation of the eternal potential. May sound a bit frustrating to some, hahaha, but fear not, you (and we all) do it for a love we can briefly experience on Earth, but are fully immersed in beyond it UNTIL we manage to bring the permanent immersion in this love to Earth. So, there really is no "losing", but simply still a lot of work to be done. So be it!)

None of this will answer all our questions, because it's not designed to answer them. It is designed to remind you of who you are, where you are and why you are! How you are, well, that is actually on you and in a way it's on all of us!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Playing with fire on thin ice


Letting go to win the price. There are no chains that lock us up, but our own hands, holding on for dear life, with our eyes squeezed shut, not realizing that life itself is standing right beside us, shrugging.

It's irrelevant whose fault it was, it's no use to try and point the finger, especially while we're still holding on. The first thing to do is to let go. 

Remember those first swimming lessons?

Except this time we're not at risk to drown, but we are at risk to suffocate, the longer we try to hold on.

We know very little, if anything. Some of us manage to piece together a glimpse of clarity, seeing how all that we've been taught was meant for us to believe and use as orientation so we do not struggle against a system, which is designed to organize us. But the more aggressive the design has become, the more buried the logic of life has become, too. And the less it all made sense to us, the more powerful the replacement of logic becomes. Because we lose trust in our own intuition, our ability to judge our own experiences, let alone that which we're being shown.

A glimpse of clarity reveals that this form of life, this platform of interaction we call "universe" is designed to work. It's designed to carry our will and let us exchange our ideals, merge them, tailor a working flow of revelations to achieve permanence in the way we link the best each of us has to offer. More than likely there are countless planets, each with the same fundamental mission, but what matters to us is life on Earth. And it is designed to work! It is not our enemy or our weakness or a dwindling resource. It is abundance, it is resilience and it is totally self-sustaining. Just that life itself is merely a platform, directed only by concept and reaction. We are given this platform, while I'd love to go as far as saying that "we" have created this platform for us, so that we can manifest something new in a different sense than maintenance. Natural maintenance is in the root of the concept of life and all of physical reality. We just get bad feedback for bad things we do. The moment we do good things, well, good things come back to us, we get good feedback. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?

The animal within us is a part of life, a part of the platform we have here. This animal is part of the reactive concept. The more safe it feels, the more control we have over it. The more we can use it to manifest our ideals. The more scared it gets, the more it overrides any access we have to it, the less we get to pursue manifestation.

Let go... you will be safe!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Meaning of....

People sometimes ponder over the "meaning of life", but can't quite arrive at a solid conclusion, if any. Problem is that they wonder about the meaning of their life and try to superimpose that on life itself. Some may look at life and try to contemplate on what it might be for. But rarely do they end up asking the question that would give them a real clue: What's the meaning of creation?
Yes, yes, in this age of materialism the very word "Creation" triggers fundamental rejection, peppered with ridicule and even disdain. Little do they know that their supposed nihilism is but the result of prohibiting themselves from truly revisiting that subject. The religious organizations have successfully managed to support this rejection by deliberately confusing mankind regarding so-called "spiritual matters" and turned the human mind into a minefield between black and white. Either you accept religious oppression and sacrifice your faith to their dogma or you reject it and unwittingly sacrifice your hope for clarity to the Luciferian concept behind matter.
Regardless which poison you went for, you end up losing your realization that you have chosen to be here on Earth. Be it the church or science, both make you believe you were put here. One claims that the meaning was determined by some entity, who may be the only one, who knows why. The other claims there simply is no meaning at all. But the ultimate result remains the same: "you are a victim of circumstances unbeknownst to you."
Indeed you are a victim, but not of life or matter. The moment you lose access to faith is what makes you a victim at the mercy of those, who stole it from you. The only path to understanding is by becoming aware of the process beyond the stage you're in while you are on Earth.
What makes this so very complicated is that the "complete human being" you represent right now is indeed found only here. But you yourself are complete long before you find yourself as an "Earthling" in the collective manifestation of material life. And the best clues regarding "Creation" are found there, within the core of you that need not travel in a human shell. Oh, how the nihilists may scream or wish to giggle now. But should they experience the mercy of allowing themselves to recognize the potential access to logic this offers for contemplation, they will find something very powerful to hold on to on their path out of depression and/or their self-defeating ignorance.
All of this, all of life, is a collection of choices, working on gaining back coherence within the ever-growing complexity of creation, long before this, which we call "physical reality" or "universe". Not that the very word "universe" wasn't already clue enough, but it only gains meaning once we realize who is "singing" that verse. And it is indeed all of us and not one other somebody.
Now then, what is the meaning of creation?
Creation is a process that has started into eternity for some dubious reason, but which will not end with this universe of ours. We are but a step in the process, albeit a fairly advanced one, considering the complexity we somehow have to deal with. We had separated into us, countless individuals, long before we coagulated into individual- not divisible- souls. This thinly spread oil of consciousness that has us droplets enabled to look at ourselves may at some point merge again, having gained structure or having regained the power to dissolve back into complete harmony. However, no force can bring about the needed/desired harmony. This is likely our greatest dilemma at this point in the process. However, if I was allowed to gander at this, I believe the meaning of creation is to find harmony of choices at our layer of complexity. That means we are not meant to reduce our complexity, giving up our tamest dreams, "following our hearts", accepting oppression against our better judgement or the likes. We are meant to find and follow our ideals with those around us in mind and we are meant to have faith in each other and help those, who yet have trouble to develop such faith.
It is a daunting task and there's no end in sight for that process, but we will get there eventually. The sooner you subscribe to your true self and the true power of your heart and mind, the sooner your recognize that we are all part of a process we are choosing for ourselves with every cycle of life we embark on, the sooner we find ourselves in a collective heaven where you can share your dream and rely on the dreams of others. It won't make it an "easy" place, but one where you will know you want to be.
As for the meaning of your life, well, the answer is simply in your will. You know it already, but you have to allow yourself to discover it and it is for your part of the process. Most often not knowing is part of that pursuit, even if that line seems to make no sense now. Life can only be learned by doing, or so it would appear. So...  live!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Universal Code

Just a quick thought regarding the similarity of the physical universe with a computer program. While most conventional computer processors work based on an on/off or true/false binary instruction principle, the universal processing only knows "true". Everything can happen and is automatically true, but it takes a stable repetition for a pattern to solidify, which is to manifest. Thus there are no mistakes in the universe, but there's such complexity that it becomes increasingly more complicated to arrive at a stable pattern, which can only be achieved, when all processes make enough sense to repeat reliably.
Up until a certain complexity, things appear to just function "automatically", rules are clear and strict and no manifestation has to question its instructions. But along comes mankind, a new layer where thought no longer relies on a clear set of instructions. Mankind has the power to create outside of the realm of functional clarity. While even the "dumbest" ideas are necessarily "true" to the process of the universe, they usually do not repeat reliably. Though, somehow this seems like a setup for a joke.
It's as if one could judge the brilliance of an idea by how easily and naturally its repetition comes to be. We do not question it, while a dumb idea becomes more and more obvious, the more a repetition is forced and does not come naturally.

Universal Code works not with binary instructions, but only "true". Manifestation is a stable repetition, supported by all involved components.

Monday, November 04, 2019


What might Zionism really be?

Zion is the kingdom of heaven, not a hill. But it takes a bit more to understand what this means and why there's a curious, potential mistake in it.

I come to believe that Earth- and with it the physical plane altogether- is the layer of creation where souls collectively create, given the ability to combine their conscious efforts. Before this layer, souls are not able to share experiences in a binding fashion; they can not interfere in each other's realm of understanding or ideals. We come to this physical plane in order to be able to live in a shared experience and contribute our ideals to that of the whole. It's an effort to improve and solidify a collective understanding, creating a new, more complex unit or quantum for the progress of creation.
Thus, in a way, we all try to come to a better heaven, more than that of our own, more defined than we could do by ourselves. But it still means we want to have a Heaven on Earth.
Some people naturally share enough ideals to find themselves in a group of so-called "kindred spirits", like-minded. Most of those groups have no idea why that is or what that means. But Zionists most probably are keenly aware of what this means and so they form an exclusive club of souls, who wish to bring their collective kingdom of heaven onto earth. When they talk about "globalism", it's quite certainly not what most think it means, I believe. It may be that they simply mean to turn the whole world into their heaven, impregnating it against the influence of excluded souls, so to say.
To do that- so they might believe- they have to render the ideals of the uninvited, who happen to be most of humanity, harmless to theirs. In fact, Zionists are apparently afraid of others, polluting their vision of heaven.
Oddly enough, I do believe that there's fundamentally no flaw in the very root of the concept, except that it went sideways as soon as they tried to contrive the process, dismissing those of us, who still have a harder time with the challenges that come with forfeiting the simplicity of an individual heaven for a collective one. Rather than embracing the "new souls" and inviting their ideals to enrich this physical plane, they seem to prefer to just kick them out again, so to say. But that's exactly how the massive flaw corrupted this important revelation that spirited away the wisdom from what became Zionism, or so I believe.
If it was inclusive, supportive, inviting, evolving, it would be the most important movement in this verse of creation. It is a tall order, ironically, because of the corruption that originated in the chosen method of theirs to realize the ultimate goal. How do you tell mankind "we're sorry, but we've realized our mistake when we plunged most of you into mindless servitude and stole away from you the abundance of all for so many centuries". Looking at this crippled civilization, it's hard to imagine they all could snap out of it and find harmonic relationships, which would truly include every soul's ideals into the collaboration that forms this physical plane. Most of humanity doesn't seem to know what it really wants. But it really is merely buried under imposed obligations that clearly defy the freedom and time it takes to discover how individual ideals may find alignment in the great pool.
Often I'm worried that Zionists are really afraid in their core about the idea of losing this process we call reality, this phase of creation. With all that they know, how could they miss the realization that we are in an infinite loop of ever increasing complexity. It's only our consciousness that has to option to rise to the next layer of complexity, once it has been formulated/constructed. If you wanted to stay in this world, you always can, I imagine. But to stop creation, put it to a hold, that will always meet defiance. As does the idea to revert back into eternal chaos, which is the equivalent of total stagnation and not total freedom. Just to understand the word "free" would already help to solve a major part of the big conundrum. I'm not a linguist, but if I think of the goddess "Freya", who elsewhere may be called "Venus" and so on... this is a vital force of creation itself, naively considered fertility, but it really means to drive forward the act of creation. It is about allowing us to act based on our ideals in order to contribute those ideals to the whole and in an effort to enrich the whole, improve it. Freedom means to be able to act purposefully. Nobody is free, who does nothing.
This could become an endless article, but I wanted to share only my ideas regarding Zionism and not write a book about our mission on Earth. Whenever I write, I'm worried about my arrogance, whether I impose some half-baked contemplation onto you, who dares reading this. Some thoughts of mine just seem too relevant or at the very least too interesting to just keep them to myself. Forgive me, if I'm unwittingly fueling misconceptions, but if you see merit in them, don't hold back to share your impressions with me either! After all, we ARE in this together! ;o)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Realm of Souls

You may touch me in the realm of souls, and I will be in your world and you will be in mine, but never can I touch what is in your world, nor can you touch what is in mine.
Only here on Earth may we both be in our world, a world we create together, and can create and touch what comes from each of our worlds by manifestation through our actions.
In the realm of souls we may have no limits to what we imagine and can experience it fully, but only by each our own. No way to truly share or create with the understanding of another.
Only here on Earth can we fully exchange ideas and manifest something we understand collectively, learn from each other and combine our ideals to come to much greater refinement than we could alone.
In the realm of souls we cannot experience the need of another, for only the other can know their need.
Only here on Earth we can meet and understand the need of another and strengthen each other by sharing and evolving our ideals.
In the realm of souls we are infinite.
On Earth we get to learn how to define ourselves together.

Neither here nor their we lose ourselves, we are not on Earth to let go of our ideals and individual understanding, but to enrich it, refine it and attain the best possible way to contribute to a collective harmony with our individual imagination. Were we to submit to one collective set of principles, restrict our imagination or the sharing thereof, we would squander the meaning of creation itself.

Be yourself, but know that you are here, because you care for the other! Eventually everyone of us will get to understand what this means. Do yourself a great favor and begin to understand this as soon as possible, because each life-cycle is limited for a reason, a privilege of our choosing, and you want to use each moment to encounter the real joy of it! Life doesn't happen to us, it happens because of us.

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Hunger of Creation

Creation is the constant pursuit of new possibilities.

Here are some observations regarding creation:
  •  perfection is absolute harmony, the natural satisfaction-chain of wanting and needing; if one wants to make what the other needs to do what they want to make that, which the next needs and so on...
  • once perfection is achieved, a new realm of possibilities will be desired and therefore formulated and created.

  •  one cannot build anything reasonably stable with imperfect quantities. Have brittle bricks and the wall comes tumbling down. Each preceding paradigm may represent the quantity of the next.
  •  no new possibilities beyond the current state become clear before the current state has reached perfection. Every new idea before this moment only inherits the imperfections.

  •  perfect harmony cannot be achieved by limitation, arising from within the paradigm that aspires perfection.
  •  the formulation of new possibilities is comprised of new definitions. A definition is not a limitation, though it may appear that way from within a paradigm, defined by the preceding paradigm that has created it. To de-fine may mean to make something last forever, to reach a state that is not finite, not temporary. To limit means to prevent the arriving at an otherwise desired finish. Actually, to define is the polar opposite of limitation revolving around finality.
  •  each part of a new paradigm exists without its current definition in the preceding paradigm.

The way I have arrived at these thoughts was via "faulty" observations regarding duality. Some say that good cannot be perceived in the absence of evil, beauty in the absence of ugliness and so forth. I believe this only holds true in a state of imperfection, in the process of finding harmony. But then I thought about what it might be like in a state of perfect harmony. What is perfect harmony? And I realized that these thoughts are much like trying to think of eternity and what it might "feel" like to have no definition at all. How can one neither want nor need anything? With the arrival of the first quantity, everything changes and the pursuit of new possibilities begins as the hunger of creation.