Thursday, August 25, 2005

Goxo - 002

Amazing how much a silly thing like this blog stuff inspires quick little sketches made for the soul-purpose of being posted here...
...this morning is the first morning for a long time now, that I actually slept at night and woke up 6:30am. For the last few months I've been gradually drifting into a total reverse that made me to go bed at noon and wake up at night. Well, after this early success of switching back I feel refreshed and full of strange energy, as this little ZBrush sketch shows. Cheesy, but it certainly entertained me for about 2 hours. For the first time I actually used a curious model feature called "Zspheres", which I normally would ignore...but for a silly sketch like that it's actually pretty perfect. Unfortunately this guy's goin' nowhere from here, being nothing more than what you see...but there's a chance that soon it will be possible to turn this sketch into a workable geometry and animate' he worth it? Probably not really, but damn what a great prospect...


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