Monday, February 12, 2007

A little something about "people"

Here and there I still find reactions to "people", which exhibit problems with the conclusion it arrives at. The conclusion is that Earth brought forth a creation, which can be called a work of art. Knowledge and experience become the foundation for every new creation. However, the biggest problems appear to be, that some people can't accept the idea, that we weren't made directly by god, that a woman is not just a rip of a man (HAHAHA, sorry) and that snakes and apples weren't deciding the fate of the human race. God and a higher power are very important to a good guidance for human beings, but logic and active thinking has to be just as strong as faith in order to prevent abuse of faith, arising of hate and mindless destructions to each other, based on insignificant differences! While those of you, who have strong faith in god, easily get misled by the earthly powers you've accepted to rule above you, who present you with false pictures of an enemy you wouldn't have, if you knew better, the strength you could have to see and understand the reality was infinitely stronger, if you were to use logic and more active thinking. (what an awefully long line, I apologize).

Anyway, to find out if you are too heavy on the faith side and not strong enough on the side of logic, you just have to listen to your feelings about the "people" clip's conclusion.

Earth, creator of mankind? Earth an artist? Yes, just like a picture you've painted can be directly contributed to your doing. It's not about finding out who had made you or who had made your mother and/or father and so forth. And to make this a little bit easier to understand I wrote this little compact form of an idea...

The world is a vessel that has formed around a stronger object in space called sun. At some point it had reached a certain distance which allowed it to retain a certain amount of material that has collided with it. One type of such material was water. The really magical aspect is how it so happened, that carbon based forms came to split and split again in a seeming effort to transform the landscape. How did this procedure become something we might call a desire?! Relevant mostly is the concept that it is the continueous refinement of that procedure in the quest to make the most successful transformation. Earth, with its very specific parameters, became the plateform for wild and creative transformations we now call evolution! It did in fact try so very many different things that it took hundrets if not thousands of millions of years to arrive at the presents, exhibiting solutions such as humans as the result of it's creativity. Earth is not just a molten core of iron with layers of unorganic material around it, because that's in some form or another almost any planet. Earth is the layer of organic transformations around such a core. We wouldn't call it Earth otherwise. So when I say Earth, I mean probably more the HULL of our planet than anything else. The organic hive we are part of. We could not exist without everything else on the planet. At least at present time we couldn't. Anyway, irrelevant right now, it's far more relevant to realize that it's possible to understand and accept the logic of reality as opposed to escaping into a fantasy world that even justifies murder of other people and ownership and greed and all that crap that ruines intelligent coexistance. Anything that evaluates the quality of one race over another based on their belief is intolerable! However, while evolution appears to have been based on power and superiority when it comes to survival, it also gave us a strength that redefines what power and superiority means! Today it means to realize the meaning of colaboration by working together and exchanging as opposed to greed and exclusion! While the whole world may have been nothing but a cave-painting for millions of years, today we are but much more a complex piece of art with depth and control. Maybe it is just I, who refuses to believe that we are still at best a naive painting, but at least we should understand that it is our intelligence and our decisions, which are the brush for the masterpiece this world may become!