Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The unknown beauty and power of diversity...

I'm so sorry, so deeply sorry that I have to tell these things or feel like having to tell these things, expecting that people may not be truely aware of this. It's the beauty and power of diversity not of nature, but of human culture as a part of it.

For most of us have grown up in a single society, a single type of culture, even if traces of others may have drippled into it, through immigrants or the curiosity of some amongst us. Often it is more a matter of superficial sensation that satisfies most people's glance into another culture, even settling for a confirmed stereotype, but never with the courage to submerge their minds into them, trying to recognize the joys, the challenges, the social exchanges and curiosities that formed their values. If we were to fish deeply into the heart of each original culture, we'd find fundamental values we naturally share, but their incarnations reveal just how brilliant people adapted to the requirements in each part of this world to persue them, where ever those real values have a chance to shine through all the madness that is currently committed.
The closer we come to these values, aside from nutritional and shelter needs, be it love and connectivity, the more we experience them, the more we feel freedom, clarity in our choices and faith in each other. Even the most endearing societies can't prevent some idiots from emerging here and their, gangsters and otherwise flawful individuals, but the majority normally can only exist as part of a loving community. Hence it's generally able to control the amount of foul apples and even have some joy in helping to integrate them again or keeping them at bay.

But before I leave this original train of thoughts, I just want to send a little spark into our collective consciousness to ignite the true revelation that every single culture is a human communal solution to have life function in different regions on our planet and that they all have some form of original tradition that goes beyond modern religion and systems, which, if we only paid some more attention, spells freedom, compassion, empathy and actually common productivity to survive with a proper amount of joy, inevitable moments of pain and - when really needed- hope.