Saturday, July 30, 2011

Order out of Chaos II

Observe life and recognize that it exhibits the trait of transformation above all others. It does so by design. But why?

The mere fact that all elements represent a state of order, can allow one to assume that this order had emerged from an unordered state, or a different composition of equal or lesser complexity.
All structures that consist of such elements represent an order at the next higher level. This higher order again emerged from an unordered state of equal or lesser complexity.
Continuing this method, this process, it is not difficult to assume that in our stage this method is still the major paradigm. What ever becomes of that, which may be achieve THROUGH US, will represent a new order. But not the "New World Order". To provide order for the ordering system may well corrupt the process that we are designed for to achieve.
In all likelihood it is our mission to adhere to the guiding mechanisms in our "Spirit". Those are not defined by man, but only experienced. Any definition provided by man, corrupts or confuses sincerity as we no longer are inspired to trust our own judgement for a purpose beyond the self of mankind, but are asked to deny the truth we would know to embrace and instead submit ourselves to imposed necessities, enslaving our physical self and imprison our spiritual self. It is in that spiritual element, our true mind, where we give direction to our physical self, but also where we receive direction from the highest ordering aspiration, so to say.

Whether you believe in god, godhead, infinity, the beyond or fundamental science, the direction and method of existence in all levels can be recognized coarsely as a development of order out of chaos. Through the imperative of transformation one can recognize that stagnation only maintains chaos. Equally it is possible to conclude that we have no right or proper capacity to decide to reduce any components under any arrogant assumption that any one of us would know better than the mechanism provided to all of us. You can't solve a puzzle by destroying any piece of it, really, let a lone 90% of it.
If a castle would build itself, would it destroy almost all the stones that were perfectly cut out for it only to become one single little tower with one window and no gate?

Maybe that's a dumb example, but well... it's all just thoughts.


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