Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bible thoughts

One way to look at the Bible reveals, that man was conceived within his ideal circumstances; paradise. Through it, humans receive all the definitions of what would saturate all physical desires. But then this creature would be let lose on earth, a world that could provide all those elements, but simply does not. The urges served in paradise become our motivator, the carrot after which we may chase. And life on earth is viewed as but a punishment.
As for any great sorting concept, conditions are best defined for the proper order and then the sorting may begin. Paradise tries to illustrate those conditions and it is us, who execute the ordering process based on those parameters. But is that really what we are meant to achieve?
Very often in great routines that have complex components, those components require sorting to support the larger agenda. This agenda may have nothing to do with the conditions given to the sorting algorhythm and members of the sorting procedures may never know about the larger context under which they act. Yet, their performance is vital for the grand routine.
View the infinite, godhead, the highest personality or however you may call the structure beyond our physical manifestations, as that grand program, the code that has us as a subroutine, a procedure that is only of a supporting role, but vital nontheless. You will rightfully be able to assume that some instructions should be given to us independently, so that we may perform to the benefit of our purpose based on our internal capacity. Meaning, we should be able what to do without having to be told by others of the same rank, other humans. But at the same time we are of a multitude for the same purpose. And for that purpose we are enabled to communicate. That means we have to listen to each other and connect to each other to properly perform such a "divine" task.
Its complexity is so big, though, that we have many seemingly conflicting tendencies, which have the power to lead us off-course with almost less effort than to actually accomplish the right thing. This may be largely because the right thing does seem to contradict parts of our core instructions, which are to survive and to multiply, while the final desired result may be found in just a single person, a single being at the end of all transformations. This is assuming that we carry within us the purpose of our existence and it is not just something we'd have to accomplish outside of ourselves.
It's fairly amazing to consider the faith that our creator had in his creation to figure out what is needed by itself. One may argue that the bible or any religious text is meant to help out exactly against that need, so that we may not have to figure it out all by ourselves.
The Bhagavad-Gita, for example, tries to explain to you the circumstances and how you may act appropriately according to them.
The Bible tries to tell you how it all came to be and how it developed in detail with all its complexity and then builds up a basis for the instructions that are delivered with it.
Merge the two and you can climb yet a bit higher on reaching some enlightment, yet, non of it will get you there all the way. And all of it will fail, if you do not make the understanding of it a personal effort, using your mind actively.
What you will arrive at is a picture of what is asked of us, but not really what it all really is. Those scriptures try to guide you, enlighten you toward fulfilling your purpose, but not explaining your purpose or, god forbid, the greater context.
The reality is, we do not need to know in order to do the right things, if we can allow ourselves to do so. But because of the great confusion we are experiencing these days, we cannot find our way to actually perform according to "gods will", so to say. If we manage to do so, to do as we're told by the instructions within ourselves, our skills, our true interests and a firm and healthy understanding to collaborate with each other properly and bound by love and appreciation for each other, we will find only joy. But we will destroy the structures of society as we experience them today. And society is lead firmly by forces we don't seem to have an access to.
Will the grand structure, the infinite, the creator recognize that there is a problem brewing in his sorting algorhythm?
Is something actually going wrong or is that just another conflict between what we want to understand and what we have to?
Will there be an intervention, if there truly is a problem that could keep us from resolving that which we are meant to?
Is paradise the setting under which we may discover our true function again and the need for being deprived of paradise is no longer valid?
Can we handle the truth, once we were to get it disclosed?
May we drop our infantile narcissism to resume to make use of our true potential?
Are we able to handle the power that would come with it and put it to good service for the infinite, recognizing that we are vital to it and wouldn't be, if it wasn't for it to begin with?
Will we be able to serve with conscious faith and recognize the gift we experience by being manifested to begin with?
I believe so. I want to believe so. If one of us can feel the liberation of knowing that we're but a vessel in the blood of the infinite and with it we may know no end but countless new experiences and that all of them help us to produce what is asked of us and the reward is beyond anything we could know to ask for, then all of us can, too.
Learn that you are everything, leaning out of the endless flow as a moment of "you", a moment of "me" and that you may merge back without form, but contribute your infinite revelations so that the next "you", the next "me" will emerge again and serve ever so much more successfully the growing fortune of the infinite, or simply experience another realm, another part of what we call life, so that at some point everything is being regarded as we nurture the rise of order, which we are asked to achieve.