Monday, March 19, 2012

Daily Sketch No.11

What is this thing?

The castle of chaos, the birth of desire at a stage high above simplicity. The realm of marks, claiming superiority, piercing the skin it promises, slicing its own growth to multiply, to test itself, to mature the deformity of rage and look at what seizes its space. Where is this fallen phantom begging from? What was the end of what it was and when was wanting sharper than possession? Maybe when clarity collapses, darkness that is in its bones condenses into such absurdity. And through its thorny branches, limbs, extremities, it hurls around without direction, toiling without goals beyond itself, trapped in finite agony, since lingering within is known the nature that, rebelled against, prevails in swelling harmony to leave but shadows of the horror that is the moment squashed before a leap, the pressured blood that fills the paddles up to pop into the flower of reception. Yet, at times, the shell encrusts, it stiffens, hardens, calcifies, it crackles not from breaking, but from violent betrayal felt as price for the deception that the ease of constant flow would not require such a stage, such a period of anguish that uncovers only structures of everything as nothing that finds touch or transpiration, no dissolving of the spires that like bars beyond all comprehension weaves itself as but a cage of layers upon layers with not a letter to be spotted, not a fire, black nor white, not a shimmer of perfection only specs of scattered light until...

...our eyes resume to open and our lashes part away. The morning sun reveals, yet, just another day. A new one, fresh, virgin with its thin veil of innocence and pregnant with discoveries, recoveries, relief and stimulation. A strong and powerful day with strong and powerful light not just from the heavens, but from the inside. Because it needed to be strong, the light, the nature that was pushing, pressing, breathing to break free form the cocoon of a nightly fight to process all the things from yesterday. And yesterday was big right before it got deflated to give room and air and fire to the growing light of Now.


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