Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Sketch No.2

I've decided to post my Daily Philosophy Sketches on my blog here, too, skipping No.1, as it was mostly just an introduction.

Today I wake up deprived of words, forcing myself a little bit to begin what I've started with these daily sketches. So instead of just writing something that is less of a light, but merely a lit page of memorized thought, I decided to channel a bit with making a quick painting. That's the above. And it feels just as deprived to me as my engine of thought. It wanted to come out, though, so I might as well let it.

Solomon, to me, represents a very depressed being. On mornings such as this, I have his line echo through my mind; "There's nothing new under the sun". And I remember the context and his conclusion, which reflects so great the concept of wisdom and that it alone does not give answers. Wisdom is the way we deal with the state of our current capacity and its content. What have we processed, what have we learned, when do we surrender to project sincerely our present best and when does pride and vanity carve out the weight of our revelations. Solomon had concluded that the only reliable thing to do in order to stay on "the right" path was to obey the commandments, since one alone can't fathom the whole concept around existence to figure out the ideal behavior by oneself. (Ecclestiastes 12.13 "The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God, and keep his commandments; for that is the whole duty of everyone. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every secret thing, whether good or evil.")

My first thought was; Pah! And that's to be considered wise? Why, yes, it is. It's not so much about the content of it, but about the sincerity to have come to no better conclusion. It still was the best or only guaranteed to be useful awareness he ended up having to share.

I personally dislike submitting to what could and was to be turned into dogma, victimize those, who desire to function well, what ever the motivation. I would consider it a human's duty to truly contemplate about dogma, seek the actual meaning before taking possession of its words and entitlement by equally misunderstood rules.

The highest reward does neither come in earthly possessions nor in any form of status, power or respect. The highest reward comes in a deep sense of liberating humility and a keen sense to actively participate in life in the best way we can apply ourselves. All the laws, commandments and ordinances, they are meant to help us figure out how to navigate through our brief appearance as our generation, save us the trouble of piling up more mistakes than we could hope to redeem before our shadow gives way again. They are no rules or prohibitions, no laws by which men shall punish men. They are the kick-start into our duties in life so that we quickly figure out to follow the imperative of love and help others to do the same instead of interfering and blocking the power of faith we should have in each other and as such in service of the Most High.

Why explain what we are made for, where this all goes to and how it is a waste of time to rebel and serves nothing good or useful neither for ourselves or the devil that asks for it, haha.

There are many dualities observable in all aspects of existence, the composition of our universe. But the greatest one is not between "good and evil", but between "ideal and strive".

I wish us all a useful and enjoyable day.


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