Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Sketch No.3

Good Morning, everyone!

Yesterday, as I was walking to the city, I saw a lot of people an my way, as it is quite common here in Split.

When I was reading the Bhagavad-Gita, I felt some deep joy seeing them, a sense of connection, like we all are in the embrace of Krishna, so to say, and all the hierarchy of the realms beyond where we are. It wasn't so much that I accepted the teachings verbatim, but it's been the feeling they somehow encouraged.

When I started reading the Old Testament, just having been through Numbers, I believe, I sensed a deep alienation instead. I started to feel a curious fear sneak up on me, like everyone was a potential enemy. It bothered me a great deal. The Torah doesn't exactly change that feeling completely, while it moderates it in some odd way, but it still creates more disparity than unity.

So as I was walking yesterday, I remembered this and thought about briefly defining the effects...

Torah: Humans are fundamentally bad and think they were great. (Emphasis on divine concession)

Gita: Humans think they're bad but are fundamentally great. (Emphasis on divine origin)

I still have to finish the Torah before moving on to the next major scriptures, but thus far this presents already a staggering opposition. Whether I read it right, or what ever the reasons were, these present the effects they had on me.

It's been a brief sketch today, was on my mind.


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