Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Sketch No.6

Imagine yourself born and ride beneath a facet of a rotating crystal. When you look out, you see the world, the universe and the reflection of its source through it undistorted as far as you had ever known. But the crystal is clear, even to its inside. And you can see other people, other nations, other cultures, sitting beneath their facets, looking out at all the same things you see as the crystal rotates. But when you look through their facets, nothing looks the same anymore. Some of it is similar, then it's only colors and and through the many edges some light might never reach your eyes. But it does reach the eyes of those beneath their facet and it is the very same light that you know as your life, your source, your sight.

Nobody ever really sees the same place at the same moment, but everybody revolves within the infinite, and its face cares not for time, nor place and shines the same around all of us. If we share what we see with each other, we may get to see the finite as we see the infinite. It is non of our place to dispute the vision of existence through anybody's facet, but to respect it and embrace, knowing of its sincere account.

But just as the true goodness is everywhere, even if we can't immediately recognize it clearly, undistorted, true wickedness is everywhere as well. Who ever strives for the center of the crystal may never get an undistorted view to the content of the finite's womb.

I'm writing all this, because as I'm reading the Torah, I sense an isolation about its recipients, nurturing clarity through the facet above them, but progressively neglecting the beings and sights throughout the entire crystal. I will have to learn more to see where and when it alerts them that it begins to focus away from the entirety of creation, but thus far I can only conclude that it's hidden enough to be unavailable to those, who don't care to sense the contraction. Wisdom and powerful teachings are found everywhere within it, but so is refraction and the rising of its index with the index of each page.


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