Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Sketch No.7

Always remember the source!

There's always this moment, when enlightening strikes, and we are sent on a path with a new method, a new understanding and with new strength. It gives us confidence and we layer moments of strengths around it, gathered through our abilities to make use of this enlightenment until we eventually identify ourselves with it. It seems to have become us. But it is a very dangerous and fragile moment, when we begin to rely on our virtue and not our understanding. In these moments it is so very important to remember the source, the moment it came to us and all the circumstances. If you can find the voice of the source, transport it along the path it had you take all the way until today and know, it's never been just you. You've been given the privilege to hear, see and recognize with greater clarity, but unless you use remembrance to clean the layers of experiences you're putting on over time, this sight may dim.

I come to this, because as I'm reading the Torah I come across Abraham and Jacob, both experiencing trials against their virtue before entering into the most important stage of their actions. These trials seem to stand for humbling oneself before the actual power that gave them those virtues, so to say. They should not forget the purpose and mistake themselves for being or becoming an unblemished idol. Their virtue is for mankind in service of God and God does not require those virtues for Itself.

I'm still very much embracing the wisdom that is found in it, despite my slightly rising anger against the false pride the Torah can nurture in Israelites and the blindness against all of mankind far beyond the horizons of Europe and the middle East.

Anyway, just a quick sketch today again. I'm so very much looking forward to being done with my current project so I can dedicate more energy and focus into this wonderful morning ritual.


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