Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Sketch No.9


Wow, I have to gather myself and focus a bit more than normally to formulate this not just to you but to myself, since it is both very complicated and very exciting to me. Please, allow me and bear with me to take you along the progression of my thoughts. This is an observation about Astrology and Astrotheology and the terracentric perception, which only represents the localized manifestation of God's method. But before I proceed I feel like I should add a little preface:

I believe to be a servant of the Infinite, as I believe this to be true for all of us. I approach this with both utmost humility and utter arrogance as I beg to understand and assume to having been given the faculties to receive. It is not me processing information, but carving away layers of simplified acceptance that rule our actions within the material manifestation of the divine process. Behind those layers I hope to encounter shapes of the grand construction, the forming structure of the Infinite. I hope to recognize aspects of it that help me recognize reliable patterns, which illuminate our own mode of operation and allow me to optimize it in order to become the best servant I can be and share a useful revelation so that you can find an inspiration to do the same based on a somewhat unified recognition of the divine method, universally applicable. This is my journey and as such it shall be ongoing until the expiration of my vessel and with some hope that, should it not end conclusively, it may pick up again in a future privilege to explore with the vessels to come. I hereby ask for your forgiveness for the immaturity of my observations and for your help through participation in order to refine them. I also, as I always do, ask for the forgiveness of the Most High, that I dare explore Its nature and hope to be given an insight into the Divine. My only goal is to realize the best possible way to function as we were intended to for the Eternal Being. I am tremendously grateful for the joy of each revelation, whether it is useful by pointing into the right direction or eliminating another by being a mistake. Love and joy are the feedback of both and don't necessarily represent the right answer, but the righteous approach.

Nothing is a coincidence.

A while ago I came to the conclusion that no original scripture, no original religion is wrong. Every single one would represent an approach for us to observe divine guidance and fulfill our purpose for the divine. I saw it as a kind of guinea-pig concept, since one could eventually try to dominate another and so forth. Which implies that it's quite possible that one approach is more effective than another. But, while this may still be a valid way of perceiving the on-goings of human civilization, I now come to believe that it's a matter of Astrological aspects of the Divine Method. Meaning, in the Beginning, each nation, each group of people have received a general understanding, related to where they were placed in relation to the local constellations. This is not a mambo-jumbo magic order of organization, but it simply represents the place and time within the process of recovering or reconstituting the divine structure. It is an organized phenomenon. While we read it and interpret it, we read and interpret a truth far beyond our general acceptance. And while the planets and heavenly bodies determine even detailed aspects about our existence, they are still subordinates of lesser complexity than we are.

Imagine a taxi. The planets would be the car, humanity would be the driver and the messenger or element to the divine structure is the passenger. The destination is most important for everyone, because without it there would be no reason to exist for any of the participants. Then comes the passenger, without whom there would be no need to be a taxi. Then comes the driver, without whom the taxi wouldn't be driven. Then comes the car...

And each planetary system in the universe represents a different vehicle for this taxi. There will still be a driver and there's always the passenger and the destination is the same for the entire finite universe.

This means, even though the entire Earth is identifying the specific planets as deities or the definition of the divine in one way or another, it is not the universal truth, but actually the local constellation relative to Earth. Other pieces of the divine structure are to be found elsewhere and are identified by their local constellations. And even if another planet within our very own solar system would become the next place of recovery, Earth itself would become part of its constellation. Therefore a terracentric view is never wrong, just not universal in any rigid form. But aspects of it, like the method behind it is universal.

This is but one tiny piece of the puzzle, or rather one giant tiny piece of the puzzle, but this piece of the method may be also found at all fractal levels, scales and it would be interesting to find a repetition of it within us somehow, maybe within different kinds of living cells? However, my point was to demolish the limitations exerted by a purely terracentric perspective, which has always made religion such an enemy of science. Science realized the tremendous amount of objects in the universe and easily lost the ability to assume that life could be unique only to earth. Life on earth is as unique as each one of us is to the other. While we pursue a purpose locally to our part of space, the very same method puts all other localities in space to that very same purpose in its unique ways to provide its unique segment to the Divine Structure of the Infinite. Each at its own stage in its own place.

Therefore as species we may well be alone in the universe, but as servant to the Most High we are most certainly not. Yet, I am in no place to claim certainty about anything and want to apologize for my hubris. I merely follow my heart and let it speak freely, somewhat naively as well. But I am you in the unexplored form, only expressed through the channel where this "me" is found in the universe, and I offer myself wholeheartedly to us for better or less with all hopes for the best.


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