Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mysteries on Mysteries

We are a mystery, dwelling in mysteries through which we want to understand the mystery of ourselves. Forgive me, if I choose to write a bit of a moody post today, but when I listen to astrotheology and what's left of our history, a picture forms that reveals in some ways how nothing fundamentally new has been discovered, which should really be the greatest discovery of all.

I think I might have mentioned it before, but the most profound discovery should be the consistency of the "divine" method that reveals itself in form of a pattern, which shows up over and over again. If we were able to elaborate in greater detail the traits of this pattern, we may only have to formulated outside of any scale, or by means of one single scale, and we can understand mechanisms at all scales. This way we would "crack" the code of material existence and could isolate that which is material and that which truly matters instead. I do firmly believe that all of our finite universe is merely the means to an end and that the force that gave it origin is also the recipient of its fulfillment.

But we are not asked to understand the whole. We are not meant to rise or ascent before the end of days. We are given all the controls and mechanisms we need already and are asked to perform what we may call our duties with them. It is only when we stray from the real duties, that we begin to spot a problem. And thus we seek for guidance, for an answer outside of the present leadership, the current paradigm, elsewhere, beyond all that. We hope to find our true roots, our purpose, a rational that permits us to be excluded from the false rule we're under. This could be consciously temporary, seeking answers and knowing to return confidently into our material realm of operation, while others associate the material realm as the mistake that we had to encounter in our present condition and believe there's nothing good to return to, drifting off completely into the spiritual realm and rendering themselves dysfunctional for our purpose. And since dissatisfaction was the reason to depart from "reality", a lack of true satisfaction drives them further and further into immaterial contemplation, hoping that the meditations could become deeper and deeper to eventually find the true source of light and hoping that it would reveal all the lies and contrivances that confine us by showing us a truth instead, hailing down to break the dried up crust of greed and hunger and freeing us to ascent, aiming straight at the end of days.

But that's not where the answer is at.

Yes, the answer is indeed within ourselves, but much like the spores of a fungus, this revelation has to come to all of us, or enough of us, before it can finally sprout and break through the shell of submission that has us accept all the harm that is being offered and done to us. We have to recognize and embrace our ability to adapt, to recognize circumstances and act according to our full set of mental faculties, including instinct, intuition and intellect. Yes, there's a single source of light that starts to shine, warm and brightly bringing clarity to our decisions and allowing us to withstand odds and embrace opportunities, and this light we call "Love". There are hints in all religions as to what it means and non of them are wrong, even if misunderstandings led to very wrong representations of them. And many times it has gotten twisted around, this "love", not making us understand what the love of god or love for god really represents. Instead of realizing that god is our life through the very method, through his "wisdom" that builds our existence and therefore our truly conscious actions, guided by love, are the actions of god's wisdom, religion has god lifted outside of ourselves as some external force which we won't ever understand and therefore have to take the word of a church for it and don't we dare doubt it- therefore, if you care to understand, you're on your own, then, and that's not a place inside the community, they say. It's a bit sneakier than that, but it seems to be the upshot. And much like the church overtly, so does the government. It tells us that we are not capable of making the right decisions in regards to our communities, because we are lacking oversight and must therefore rely on the rules that are being made over our heads, which come down if we were to break them. But we do get some candy for being obedient, in fact, we even get pampered and tickled and played with, which becomes the "only good thing" in our lives and since we don't know how to handle the rest, we better not fight the rest, otherwise we might lose the candy.

Self importance.

Yes, there is more than one paradox in our existential foundation. We are programmed to wanting to survive, but made to know of our death. We are asked to be altruistic, but need to recognize our own importance. We are forced to showcase our traits, but will be corrupted by pride. We're given pleasure to procreate, but are corrupted by that pleasure. We're given joy to play, but agonize in toil. We're meant to maintain, but made to progress and change.

Only when we unravel the mystery of these paradoxes, we can begin to find the balance that we are able to hold and that will give us the rails for the most powerful momentum we can achieve. And then we have to begin to accept. Before then there's too little to accept. We are mysteries, dwelling in mysteries.


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