Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thought about Sanskrit number symbols and the universe

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ...and a waking moment returned back home.
The universal pulsation is the cyclic behavior of the universal singularity, the "matter" of the Infinite. For every moment of existence it has to go through all dimensions to arrive at the highest- or only unfulfilled- dimension and return back to the origin in defeat, or rather temporary satisfaction. The motion of the singularity has no speed, since time does not exist to the Infinite, but within the motion of this singularity, time is the difference between chaos and order. And as we move from chaos to order this time passes. When order is found, the finite realm that came into existence will end as such and become another active conduit of the Infinite.
Imagine each dimension the singularity has to go through as representing a form based on blocks made of the previous dimension. Each block of the previous dimension has a specific character, but varies gradually in form. It is really, really difficult to imagine, nearly impossible, so it requires rather a certain acceptance, once you get the basic idea and can allow yourself to extrapolate. And I believe that the Sanskrit numbers try to give you this basic idea and continue on through the entire process.
I'm offering you now my sudden, channeled and original set of ideas about the possible meaning of the Sanskrit number symbols and the amazing possibility to link it to a dimensional build and illustrate the incredible complexity of it by such simple symbols. As I consider this an inspiration myself, I hope you, too, can find it inspiring in some way or maybe you can offer an actual historic background to the original meaning behind the symbols. I can't imagine they're just fancy notches to count stuff.
The Zero, a circle, DIMENSION 0
It could be looked at as infinity, being a circle, but it could be looked at as the basic motion of the singularity, producing the basic unit of the universe through it's rotation. The universal brick, if you will.
The One, a circle in its first motion, DIMENSION 1
It could be looked at as a sperm, impregnating existence, but it could also be looked at as the basic unit repeating itself into a direction, moving, translating the center of rotation for the first time.
The Two, the motion changing directions, DIMENSION 2
It could be looked at as a zoomed out motion of the basic unit, now not just going into one direction, but leaving the straight line which previously looked like spiraling into just one direction. Now it makes an arc.
The Three, repeating the arc of the Two, DIMENSION 3
We can now see that while the 0 was the basic rotation, the 1 was the repetition of the rotation into one direction and the 2 was the repetition of moving into one direction going off into other directions, now comes the 3, which repeats the motion of the 2. The little tail always seems to suggest continuation from the lower dimension or number in this case.
The Four, mirroring motions, DIMENSION 4
After the basic three behavioral traits, building the basic construction of the aether, now comes the first degree of complexity, introducing the meaning of space, a pattern on the left mirroring into the right. The basic spiraling helix forms. It also represents a second 0, actually, because it is the beginning of the higher numbers.
The Five, further complexity, DIMENSION 5
Now we are introduced to the motion of the motion of the motion and so on, suggesting that the complexity rises still. The already complex pattern of the Four is being bent to introduce yet more potential. Here we have the number Two of the higher numbers. One is skipped, because the concept of motion had been established then already.
The Six, The Heavens, DIMENSION 6
At this point it gets truly esoteric, I believe. This is the Three of the higher numbers and it is the formation of the heavens, the foundation of the counterpart to what will guide the material world once it gets to it.
The Seven, The Below, the material world, DIMENSION 7
Based on the form and content of the heavens, the material world is being found. A line from above circles into what becomes the material realm. It also representing a Zero, as it is the beginning of our existence the way we normally experience it.
The Eight, Scouring for Order, The Harvest, The Inquiry, DIMENSION 8
It gets a bit shaky here, not like I wasn't fishing above already, but now I'm a little at a loss, because this is a bit empty a shape. Feels like the loss of connection, maybe free will?
The Nine, The Return to the Infinite, DIMENSION 9
The End of grant loop, returning back to the origin, once the finite world is completely formulated it returns back to Zero to start anew.
This process is constantly ongoing, it is the construction of existence, coming into being until finally the structure of the infinite is established and this universe ceases to be in chaos. Chaos is the limited time, the finality and entropy. Once the divine structure is fulfilled, time has no function anymore and we, and our existence, is reintegrated into the Infinite.
Now, all of the above is just a strange spark that just came over me. I don't even know exactly how, but I think it was triggered by... oh no, that's it, I thought about the basic unit of the universe. If there was a matrix, how is it quantized, or is it quantized. And I realized that the first loop of the singularity may well be this very unit. Then I realized that the number Zero is a loop. I first thought about the Hebrew letters, but only know 1 through 9, not 0. Aleph, Bet, Gimmel, Dalet, Hei...and so forth. Where's the Zero? So then I thought, maybe Sanskrit holds the answer, since it has 0 and it happens to be a circle. The rest you see above... :o)
Please, by all means, if you know more or imagine more, go ahead and come swim with me, the water's just fine! 8)


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