Saturday, April 07, 2012

Daily Sketch No.26

A Moment Inside a Lucid Dream

As if I had turned into a thin membrane around a million bodies, floating in the waters of life. Substance without substance, nothing but image, nothing but an illusion that is meant for something, but meaningless by itself. This feeling of being damned, if we knew what we were. And I saw myself, floating in the center. I don't know whether I was laughing or screaming, but my body looked at me, living, but scared or sad or in some kind of despair. It was a little bit as if I was asked to know all this, but should not spend more time in this vision. And then, more and more, I felt that this membrane that I was, it was all of us, and that something must constantly convince us to accept those bodies. "Don't see this! Don't linger! For if you do, you surely will not have these lives". I've felt this being told to me without words, just given as a warning from somewhere around it all, besides us. Maybe it was angelic, I don't know, but it was not the Highest, the Creator directly. And this vision was stopped and a sexual moment replaced it, a moment of desire, almost like someone changed the channel real quick to something that rooted in our material realm so strongly, that it would be enjoyable, desirable to let go of the universal experience, but maintain the lucidity to make it all the more exciting. I can't exactly complain, really, haha.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the first to think or realize this, but I believe the world is getting coerced into being more complicated in its physical on-goings so that it becomes even harder for us to rise outside of this limiting state of being "alive" in this material realm. It becomes ever so much more ridiculous, because something big is about to hit, a tremendous revelation. And it is unclear, whether it will cease this world altogether, have us let go and ascend in some regards, or whether it will destroy all control and a horrifying form of anarchy will break lose, because too many powerful people cannot handle the sudden understanding of what we are. I think, in this form, the human form, we are asked to accept our time and fulfill our assignment, even if its divine formulation is suffocated in our declining belief, suppressed to prevent us from our increasing potential to reach such clarity to receive the full truth that dissolves the universe completely.

When I think about all this, I again find myself asking to be told what's beyond all this, what our true mission is really for, I mean the final result of the finite universe. I humbly submit to the Infinite out of my free will, not out of fear or arrogance or any purpose other than the wish to unite and offer all my faculties to participate consciously. But I think, in some regards this had been Adam's fault. Hmmmm.... I'd so want to bite into that apple for that very reason, but it's not what's been asked of us. Damn it. We are asked nothing that we don't or couldn't already know. But the confusion that comes with today's contrived entanglement makes it increasingly harder for us to tell what we're supposed to do inside this world. Are we really meant to kill each other, use each other, despise each other, despise ourselves, gorge, masturbate, defile, disrespect, poison, envy, ignore, surrender to the worst of ours?

All the things that give us pleasure, our ability to experience physical pleasure, they are literally meant to corrupt us, not necessarily in a negative way, but to make us want to stay on earth, in life. There's a balance that has to be kept, so that it doesn't lead to our self-destruction, but this balance is very fragile. I think there's a group out there that knows all this all too well. I can't ask our Creator, or even an angel for that matter, but I'd love to be able to ask those of us, who know, and if it was conceivable to you, I'd want to be of service. At least I think so every now and then, because I still don't know which way the wisdom leads us.


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