Monday, April 02, 2012

Firm Grasp...

A Firm Grasp on Reality?

I really can't know how it is for you out there, but it's damn hard for me sometimes to find a way of marrying spirituality with society when I empathize with people, who are so deeply entangled with what they accept as reality. When I do that, I feel the numbness, the cold water outside of the heated normality, the loss of navigation, if the anchor was lifted and the societal system was truly recognized for what it is. When we would dare to surrender our dreadfully heavy self-importance. Because, really, who out there- or rather in there- sees the greater good as something that comes after them, that would not include them right away? When most people think about "The Greater Good" they see themselves as reaping the benefits of it directly, not like they'd be ready to martyr even only their distorted lifestyles for it. Fear and false sense of comfort binds them to the misguided servitude they've accepted as requirement to be permitted an existence on earth. And even I am afraid to do a leap out of it any farther than I have already leaped, as much as it is for selfish reasons it is also for the fear that it would be futile at this point, rather like a surrendering or otherwise self-destructive. Do I honestly believe that my work, my inclinations, my ideas for the future and attempt to prepare for some impacting contribution to the mind-soul connection of humans globally has any chance or even justification to permit me such hubris as me continuing to maintain an involved lifestyle and making claims that it was necessary for the greater good? Hahahaha. Ok, well, I never said I was any better, but I can promise you, I'm trying to make sense of it all and sincerely work on finding a useful, even powerful understanding which may help at least add to the global effort of waking up, snapping out of the bizarre madness we're perpetuating.

All the scriptures say it, all the wisdom confirms it, all the spirituality screams and whispers it, that we are servants, not just directly for the Origin that gave us existence and purpose, but also servants to each other so that we do function together. In every way we are also servants to ourselves, but that means there is no king, neither outside, nor within. So when you declare yourself king or queen of your life, you're already on the blind path into misguided servitude, because it is reality that you cannot be that, but in order to simulate this state, you'd be ready to sacrifice all reason to buy yourself this impression, if only for a few moments a day, or per week, or some however frequent time a year. You become a slave to your own virtual royalty. Snap out of it and be a grateful, righteous servant, who's countless rewards are presented through your soul and will control and heal your entire body, which includes the mind, again and again, regardless as to what life throws at you. To be a servant is not a class issue amongst humans. It's a class issue within the universe and one that is looked at as the most important class during the process of becoming.

But all this is lofty talk, isn't it. We need practical examples, right? Something that shows what this could mean to us right now in our current situation and what would that mean to our children? Who are we dealing with, when we fail to submit to the current paradigm? Where and what is that Firm Grasp that could pull the wisdom into our now beyond some virtual comfort of imagining pretty things, whilst sitting on our couches or yoga mattes, or 3 feet high bed or shaggy carpet or beanbag or office chair or some ikea thing of sorts. Who's gonna go barefoot out to the grass, shivering for a few hours to watch the stars and feel at home where you'd be at right then. Who can marry all this great wisdom with his own spirit and turn it into the means of the own life. Ah, it's tiring. I'm sorry, forgive me.

I'm writing all of this, because I think you are the kind of people, the kind of souls, who care about these things with me. I somehow expect that you'd also have frequently moments in which it frustrates you to find the severity of your understanding about something beyond human normality lost and inaccessible to the mindset that tries to deal with everyday troubles, money, jobs, food, health system, insurance scams, well, all those scams and how people are wedged into this shit (sorry), not even ready to assume that there was no REAL reason to ever put up with all that. They laugh in your face, think that you're a bit loony, really. "Yeeees, yeees, god, right? Spirituaaaality, uhuuuuh. Well, if it can squish out a paddy between my buns and hand me a beer, too, then I might just allow it into the garden, but it outta stay outside, though." or "That doesn't give you a degree you could use out there, does it? Or do you want to become a priest or monk of sorts?".

No matter how we think about it, to most people spirituality appears to be a sort of hobby. Something to calm your nerves without having to waste money on pills or to counter character flaws, haha, or something of that kind. It's not much more than another manifestation of the indoctrinated self-importance with maybe a twist. Or that's how it is being perceived by those, who are not been given a handle, a viable access to this level outside their perfectly predefined life. In that state, they are lacking a Firm Grasp, but at the end it us, who'll have to find it; The Bridge that makes sense of it all to the real little fragment of it people believe to perceive as "Now".

So, now I'm done venting, ranting and weeping (I guess). But I'm not, because I didn't even get to discuss what I was gonna talk about, hahaha. Darned.


Wow, that's a bold question, isn't it? Can we have a serious discussion about what's real and what's not? Scientifically encounter the borders of academical understanding of reality and academical speculation on purpose or origin for life and mankind in it. "Normal" people save themselves into believing that they've been told all the reliable answers they'd need to know to carry on. How are we going to teach them otherwise? Do we really "Know" otherwise? Can we in some scientific or logical way explore and present the full scope of reality that should somewhat shatter their comfort? Oh, believe me, I absolutely want to and am right now dedicating myself to exactly that. And I dearly hope we can do this all together. This will not be about some fancy phrases and pretty words, poetry and dreamy doodle of the happy place. No skips, no leaps, a connected line from the limited standard view of life to the reason beyond its borders. And I'm afraid it will take many years. Maybe we just get it started again, or maybe it is just me, who's joining in to this ongoing process I'm unaware of, but "Here I Am". :o)


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