Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daily Sketch No.27

On Religion

Religion, even if this sounds quite simple and obvious, is the attempt to connect the instrumental mind with the superior mind, or divine mind, the true Self. As we are being tossed into the water, our survival instincts allow us to learn swimming, but something has to give us direction, not only to swim back to safety, but even to use our ability to swim and dive for purposes beyond survival. Religion, however, provides direction to the shore and gives us a map of the ocean and the land. It also tries to explain to us that we are given all the choices to operate based on the best of our abilities within this world, but offers itself as source of orientation, should we somehow get lost on the open sea or even, if we're afraid to go into the water again.
Scripture, even if it is challenging to make sense of its allegory and symbolism, is offered as a key to open this sometimes seemingly closed door between our material reasoning faculties and the source of righteousness beyond them. With every attempt we make to understand the messages of ancient lecture, we gradually open this door wider and wider. Beyond ourselves is the very real concept of existence, the Self that is closest to the real meaning of all finality and it teaches us that there is no "us", but only One device, one entity that spread out and shuffles itself to reorganize the fragments of the divine structure into what shall become the new bridge within the Infinite. None of us is not part of all of us and our duty is to refine the perpetuation of this procedure with ever more satisfactorily qualities.
While seemingly all our time on Earth appears as the highest priority, its purpose can be corrupted by confusing it with being the only priority. It is, though, nothing but the means to an end from which our instrumental mind may not draw any conclusion of or about which it simply doesn't need to know anything of. But to realize this can help to put things back into perspective, to learn that the importance within life is not found within life, but outside of it, beyond it, transcending what our five senses offer us as definition. We are given great powers to operate within this life and- much as itself- it is all a matter of choice and dedication.
So, once the key is turned and the door begins to open, you may begin to appreciate the privilege and powers that are given to you, and you need to find and believe in the path you can pursue, the direction that comes to you naturally and rely on its merit, as it is not for the one body that is carried by the fragment of the universal soul that you represent as a human, but it is for the merit of all life, all fragments, humanity, the kingdom of life, the whole finite universe and eventually the Infinite itself.


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