Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daily Sketch No.28

Well, today I'm making my first musical daily sketch. It's been a long time since I've made music with natural instruments, playing them in live on my keyboard and not just "painting" the sequences as I've done for years now. I'm still a bit rusty, but it's such a tremendous fun for me, I'm just happy right now. I hope you don't mind me bumping it straight into my daily philosophy sketches, but that's really where this belongs in my mind/heart/soul. Like a public journal of my journey I include this clumsy climb back onto the saddle of less geeky doodling, even while it's a bit out of control, still. In some ways it illustrates a lot of how I feel right now, floating a all this wealth of fields to study, observations, sensations, dreams and contemplations about the source, the unfolding, the manifesting, the realizing and the layers of speculations made by mind, by letting go and reconnecting to what was, what is and what will be.
When we look at free will, we assume that it is our permission to deviate from the great plan, but since it is part of the plan, it cannot really deviate. Instead it is the great plan experiencing itself and turning itself into the platform of correction and rejuvenation. Everyone of us represents the Will of God, in that regard, but our minds control the intensity of it coming through and may block its power due to memories of experiences that were not our own (the theories we're being taught, the images we see, the things we read). I would make that proposal that once we let go of purely foreign ideas and fallback through all the real experiences we've had into the sphere of our soul, away from our mind, we might find our genuine instructions and directions from the supernal source of our existence.
Why talk about all this?
Well, I'd imagine that I'm not the only one, who wonders every now and then, why such massive majority seems to think or accept things so very different from what we think, or how it could be reasonable to assume that one person could have a suggestion that deviates from the course of humanity at this time. I think that if certain feelings, recognitions and ideas are carefully carried through examinations for their validity, sincere altruism and diligent study, what ever becomes of them will be a genuine representation of God's Will, while it will only then truly gain hold and execution, once this is being recognized and adopted by an ever increasing group of people or rather peoples. Therefore the judgement is not yours to make, yours is the contemplation and all the due diligence.
There's naturally far more to this topic, but that's also what the comment section is for.... :o)


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