Sunday, September 16, 2018

Path To Understanding

Imagine there was nothing in the beginning, but a sphere out of pure will. Every single place on that sphere was facing nothingness. Within that sphere eternal potential. In an effort to express this potential, this sphere begins to isolate each place on it into cells we may call souls. Each soul is meant to create something where there was nothing as it expands outwards. Each soul has no other agenda than to create freely. But in order to react to neighboring souls, as they weave existence into being, they need a device beyond pure will. This device is the spirit or consciousness. While the soul is eternal as it is but a part of the Source Sphere, which you may call God, if you wished, the spirit is part of the soul and was born in the beginning of each souls journey and therefore each spirit is infinite, since it has a beginning, but no predefined end.
And thus the Source expands with its souls to transform nothingness into creation infinitely. But the longer the journey, the more complex the pattern becomes that the souls weave, lead by will and spirit. And in these complex patterns souls can get trapped. Their spirit cannot find a gap near the direction of its will in the cocoon that has been spun around them. Running in circles, the soul becomes restless and the spirit gets exhausted. It now has to find a new path, which may not align with its original intention, so that it can free itself from the cage of crossroads around it. Only when it can gain a new understanding for what it has to deal with, it can move on freely. And with that experience, the spirit becomes more aware of how to deal with the surrounding souls and can instruct the soul itself more efficiently on how to follow its own creative path.
Some souls may have found their purpose in "directing the traffic", helping others out of such traps. Other souls then carry on with creation and take those "traffic controllers" with them on the journey onward.
There is danger, though, because there come times, when the pattern becomes so chaotic, that some "traffic controllers" become convinced that they need to take full charge of more than just their immediate surroundings. All they know is that management is their mission as part of creation. Thus they try to blind the will of souls around them and dictate their spirit where to go and what to do. Gradually spirit takes over and souls lose access to their will. They surrender to the controllers.

Though no soul will ever lose their will to create, they simply may get deprived of access to it. Each soul has their individual path, always, but it is never independent, because it needs to arrange itself with its surroundings. It must never stop another soul in its tracks, but offer detours, if necessary, or engage in a dance, weaving a whole new pattern together. For each soul is the Source itself, expanding, creating, forging the known out of the unknown.
Once we realize this, we realize two things:
1. You must recognize and follow your will as part of creation!
2. You must recognize the will of others around you, or along your path and allow their paths continuation, ideally cooperating where paths align and providing passage on crossroads without sacrificing either movement!

These may sound like simple rules, but they can very well be tall orders as we need to gain an understanding what it means to provide passage without losing ones own path, or to follow ones own path without making somebody else lose theirs. That's why it is so important to know that we all constantly wish to create as irreplaceable part of creation, that this Will never ceases to exist and that we need to find it within us. But we also need to understand what is going on around us, especially once we found out where we wish to go. Then we can examine what is going on ahead of us and see how we weave our way through it, join a pattern or depart from what became a trap to us.
Take over your spirit by becoming aware. Spirit is Care! If you feel or sense that someone asks you not to care, you know that you are being misled!!! You must care, but it becomes easier the closer you are to finding your direction. Because only then will you find out how much it matters and how much it helps to care. And do not confuse "Care" with "Worry", those are two very different things! I always advice not to worry, but to care and all will come to you.

We all are the Source, we received our higher ego from the place of our origin on the Sphere and our lower ego with the Spirit to guide us with, through and into creation. Physicality is the part of our creating process in which we currently find our consciousness, but it is a very, very dense web of creation and it's the highest known challenge to us to find our way through it and continue contributing to its creation.

Naturally, this is all but a thought model. It's a way for me to illustrate the universal process. So many aspects of it ask for their own model and it is challenging to find anything so universally applicable that it would satisfy all questions. If it was possible, I haven't found it, yet, but sometimes a single model can help to find orientation and become aware again on how to proceed and how to understand what goes on around us.
What makes this particular model so interesting to me is the analogies and observations one can make even for the most confusing qualities of life or the system we are in. It invites illustrations to truly visualize problems and potentially begin looking for solutions.

The will to create is infinite, the power of it is eternal.


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