Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Chain of Will

Another way of looking at the process of Becoming from an eternal source to all the limitations it takes to arrive at anything finite is to consider each new layer of definitions as the manifestation of will. Each new layer is the result of the will, formulated in the previous layer. This accumulates, creating a chain of will, starting from the very first ("to be or not to be"), which spawns the second("should I stay or should I go (HAHAHA, sorry)") to more and more differentiation, more and more ways to define and formulate details of will.
The dimension, or layer, that has been created based on the will of the previous, cannot solidify or materialize anything in its own dimension. It can work with the given definitions from the previous dimension, but it has to develop its own will, based on its environment and related revelations, with which it then can and will create the next dimension. Any attempt to manifest things outside the rules that had been willed into existence for the current dimension can only happen by means of reaching and manipulating the previous dimension and those components, who are formulating the definitions that bring forth the current.
To carry a complex creation, many different components have to agree and work in concert. Though the source may always be singular, everything it has become is a multitude and multitudes of multitudes. By the time we find ourselves in a "material world", everything there is, is the manifestation of collective will from a previous link in the chain of will.
Let's make the bold assumption that a soul actually dwells in this previous will and is part of the collective, responsible for this earthly world. Nothing here can manifest that isn't collectively accepted and supported by the will of souls. However, since this is a new layer with definitions that cannot be experienced in a previous layer, new needs arise, which are only understood on earth, by those, who dwell there. Only if we submit to the will of souls and find logical harmony with the will we may find for ourselves, we will be able to continue this chain, become another link and we may then bring forth the next layer in the great Becoming. But if we ignore the will of the soul, cannot proceed and can only interact with the given definitions until we exhaust the will that gave us our realm and thus would actually, quite possibly lose it. Luckily, if we come into harmony with the will of our soul, we feel joy, determination and we find support among each, who have found this harmony, too. It is actually us, who know what to do in any detail, not our soul. Our soul guides us, gives us strength of will, the more we align with its trajectory, so to say. For example, if your soul was part of a supportive group, it will give you great strength, when you decide to support something. If it was part of an inventive group, it will give you strength, when you pursue invention. There is a fairly great number of fields, because the complexity we find here is a reflection of the complexity of will in the realm before ours. Some love to garden, some love to cook, some love to explore, some love to build and so on. The soul has not lived in a garden, but envisioned it, nor has it eaten food, but imagined it and so on...
Of course, these are just thoughts of mine. I don't mean for them to sound like facts or pretend I would know any of it. But I can't help exploring fundamental observations, pondering the nature of existence and see, if I can observe reflections of my thoughts in our material, "more solid/dense" world.
Big questions, such as:"Why do masses have to get convinced about and are asked to agree with anything, especially when the result makes their lives worse?". People lie to each other in order to impose their will on others. Why is that, especially when it seems like the "victims" couldn't stop or change it, if they tried. I believe, it's not about the people at all. It's about their souls. Only when the souls agree with something and make it their will, only then can anything manifest in this world. When people disregard their souls for any reason, be it ignorance out of greed, out of desire or out of fear, this disregard will detach them from their soul and they can no longer function within the link of will that is creation, the great Becoming.
This is what I think. I believe, we are only beginning to remember the very nature of our existence and all the funny little things that come with it. Things we just couldn't make sense of, things that seemed arbitrarily magical, such as having to sign or confirm anything three times for official agreements of certain nature and all the legal system matters that seem like a game of sorts. These things work with the previous layer, they have to get the soul's agreement in some way, asking you to accept something on a much deeper level than your human mind can comprehend.
It would be very easy to go on and on along these lines, examine the many ways in which it reveals to us, that we are meant to be a link and are the resulting platform of the creation's chain of will.