Monday, March 18, 2019

The Hunger of Creation

Creation is the constant pursuit of new possibilities.

Here are some observations regarding creation:
  •  perfection is absolute harmony, the natural satisfaction-chain of wanting and needing; if one wants to make what the other needs to do what they want to make that, which the next needs and so on...
  • once perfection is achieved, a new realm of possibilities will be desired and therefore formulated and created.

  •  one cannot build anything reasonably stable with imperfect quantities. Have brittle bricks and the wall comes tumbling down. Each preceding paradigm may represent the quantity of the next.
  •  no new possibilities beyond the current state become clear before the current state has reached perfection. Every new idea before this moment only inherits the imperfections.

  •  perfect harmony cannot be achieved by limitation, arising from within the paradigm that aspires perfection.
  •  the formulation of new possibilities is comprised of new definitions. A definition is not a limitation, though it may appear that way from within a paradigm, defined by the preceding paradigm that has created it. To de-fine may mean to make something last forever, to reach a state that is not finite, not temporary. To limit means to prevent the arriving at an otherwise desired finish. Actually, to define is the polar opposite of limitation revolving around finality.
  •  each part of a new paradigm exists without its current definition in the preceding paradigm.

The way I have arrived at these thoughts was via "faulty" observations regarding duality. Some say that good cannot be perceived in the absence of evil, beauty in the absence of ugliness and so forth. I believe this only holds true in a state of imperfection, in the process of finding harmony. But then I thought about what it might be like in a state of perfect harmony. What is perfect harmony? And I realized that these thoughts are much like trying to think of eternity and what it might "feel" like to have no definition at all. How can one neither want nor need anything? With the arrival of the first quantity, everything changes and the pursuit of new possibilities begins as the hunger of creation.


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