Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Realm of Souls

You may touch me in the realm of souls, and I will be in your world and you will be in mine, but never can I touch what is in your world, nor can you touch what is in mine.
Only here on Earth may we both be in our world, a world we create together, and can create and touch what comes from each of our worlds by manifestation through our actions.
In the realm of souls we may have no limits to what we imagine and can experience it fully, but only by each our own. No way to truly share or create with the understanding of another.
Only here on Earth can we fully exchange ideas and manifest something we understand collectively, learn from each other and combine our ideals to come to much greater refinement than we could alone.
In the realm of souls we cannot experience the need of another, for only the other can know their need.
Only here on Earth we can meet and understand the need of another and strengthen each other by sharing and evolving our ideals.
In the realm of souls we are infinite.
On Earth we get to learn how to define ourselves together.

Neither here nor their we lose ourselves, we are not on Earth to let go of our ideals and individual understanding, but to enrich it, refine it and attain the best possible way to contribute to a collective harmony with our individual imagination. Were we to submit to one collective set of principles, restrict our imagination or the sharing thereof, we would squander the meaning of creation itself.

Be yourself, but know that you are here, because you care for the other! Eventually everyone of us will get to understand what this means. Do yourself a great favor and begin to understand this as soon as possible, because each life-cycle is limited for a reason, a privilege of our choosing, and you want to use each moment to encounter the real joy of it! Life doesn't happen to us, it happens because of us.


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