Sunday, November 10, 2019

Universal Code

Just a quick thought regarding the similarity of the physical universe with a computer program. While most conventional computer processors work based on an on/off or true/false binary instruction principle, the universal processing only knows "true". Everything can happen and is automatically true, but it takes a stable repetition for a pattern to solidify, which is to manifest. Thus there are no mistakes in the universe, but there's such complexity that it becomes increasingly more complicated to arrive at a stable pattern, which can only be achieved, when all processes make enough sense to repeat reliably.
Up until a certain complexity, things appear to just function "automatically", rules are clear and strict and no manifestation has to question its instructions. But along comes mankind, a new layer where thought no longer relies on a clear set of instructions. Mankind has the power to create outside of the realm of functional clarity. While even the "dumbest" ideas are necessarily "true" to the process of the universe, they usually do not repeat reliably. Though, somehow this seems like a setup for a joke.
It's as if one could judge the brilliance of an idea by how easily and naturally its repetition comes to be. We do not question it, while a dumb idea becomes more and more obvious, the more a repetition is forced and does not come naturally.

Universal Code works not with binary instructions, but only "true". Manifestation is a stable repetition, supported by all involved components.


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