Monday, November 04, 2019


What might Zionism really be?

Zion is the kingdom of heaven, not a hill. But it takes a bit more to understand what this means and why there's a curious, potential mistake in it.

I come to believe that Earth- and with it the physical plane altogether- is the layer of creation where souls collectively create, given the ability to combine their conscious efforts. Before this layer, souls are not able to share experiences in a binding fashion; they can not interfere in each other's realm of understanding or ideals. We come to this physical plane in order to be able to live in a shared experience and contribute our ideals to that of the whole. It's an effort to improve and solidify a collective understanding, creating a new, more complex unit or quantum for the progress of creation.
Thus, in a way, we all try to come to a better heaven, more than that of our own, more defined than we could do by ourselves. But it still means we want to have a Heaven on Earth.
Some people naturally share enough ideals to find themselves in a group of so-called "kindred spirits", like-minded. Most of those groups have no idea why that is or what that means. But Zionists most probably are keenly aware of what this means and so they form an exclusive club of souls, who wish to bring their collective kingdom of heaven onto earth. When they talk about "globalism", it's quite certainly not what most think it means, I believe. It may be that they simply mean to turn the whole world into their heaven, impregnating it against the influence of excluded souls, so to say.
To do that- so they might believe- they have to render the ideals of the uninvited, who happen to be most of humanity, harmless to theirs. In fact, Zionists are apparently afraid of others, polluting their vision of heaven.
Oddly enough, I do believe that there's fundamentally no flaw in the very root of the concept, except that it went sideways as soon as they tried to contrive the process, dismissing those of us, who still have a harder time with the challenges that come with forfeiting the simplicity of an individual heaven for a collective one. Rather than embracing the "new souls" and inviting their ideals to enrich this physical plane, they seem to prefer to just kick them out again, so to say. But that's exactly how the massive flaw corrupted this important revelation that spirited away the wisdom from what became Zionism, or so I believe.
If it was inclusive, supportive, inviting, evolving, it would be the most important movement in this verse of creation. It is a tall order, ironically, because of the corruption that originated in the chosen method of theirs to realize the ultimate goal. How do you tell mankind "we're sorry, but we've realized our mistake when we plunged most of you into mindless servitude and stole away from you the abundance of all for so many centuries". Looking at this crippled civilization, it's hard to imagine they all could snap out of it and find harmonic relationships, which would truly include every soul's ideals into the collaboration that forms this physical plane. Most of humanity doesn't seem to know what it really wants. But it really is merely buried under imposed obligations that clearly defy the freedom and time it takes to discover how individual ideals may find alignment in the great pool.
Often I'm worried that Zionists are really afraid in their core about the idea of losing this process we call reality, this phase of creation. With all that they know, how could they miss the realization that we are in an infinite loop of ever increasing complexity. It's only our consciousness that has to option to rise to the next layer of complexity, once it has been formulated/constructed. If you wanted to stay in this world, you always can, I imagine. But to stop creation, put it to a hold, that will always meet defiance. As does the idea to revert back into eternal chaos, which is the equivalent of total stagnation and not total freedom. Just to understand the word "free" would already help to solve a major part of the big conundrum. I'm not a linguist, but if I think of the goddess "Freya", who elsewhere may be called "Venus" and so on... this is a vital force of creation itself, naively considered fertility, but it really means to drive forward the act of creation. It is about allowing us to act based on our ideals in order to contribute those ideals to the whole and in an effort to enrich the whole, improve it. Freedom means to be able to act purposefully. Nobody is free, who does nothing.
This could become an endless article, but I wanted to share only my ideas regarding Zionism and not write a book about our mission on Earth. Whenever I write, I'm worried about my arrogance, whether I impose some half-baked contemplation onto you, who dares reading this. Some thoughts of mine just seem too relevant or at the very least too interesting to just keep them to myself. Forgive me, if I'm unwittingly fueling misconceptions, but if you see merit in them, don't hold back to share your impressions with me either! After all, we ARE in this together! ;o)


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