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Meaning of....

People sometimes ponder over the "meaning of life", but can't quite arrive at a solid conclusion, if any. Problem is that they wonder about the meaning of their life and try to superimpose that on life itself. Some may look at life and try to contemplate on what it might be for. But rarely do they end up asking the question that would give them a real clue: What's the meaning of creation?
Yes, yes, in this age of materialism the very word "Creation" triggers fundamental rejection, peppered with ridicule and even disdain. Little do they know that their supposed nihilism is but the result of prohibiting themselves from truly revisiting that subject. The religious organizations have successfully managed to support this rejection by deliberately confusing mankind regarding so-called "spiritual matters" and turned the human mind into a minefield between black and white. Either you accept religious oppression and sacrifice your faith to their dogma or you reject it and unwittingly sacrifice your hope for clarity to the Luciferian concept behind matter.
Regardless which poison you went for, you end up losing your realization that you have chosen to be here on Earth. Be it the church or science, both make you believe you were put here. One claims that the meaning was determined by some entity, who may be the only one, who knows why. The other claims there simply is no meaning at all. But the ultimate result remains the same: "you are a victim of circumstances unbeknownst to you."
Indeed you are a victim, but not of life or matter. The moment you lose access to faith is what makes you a victim at the mercy of those, who stole it from you. The only path to understanding is by becoming aware of the process beyond the stage you're in while you are on Earth.
What makes this so very complicated is that the "complete human being" you represent right now is indeed found only here. But you yourself are complete long before you find yourself as an "Earthling" in the collective manifestation of material life. And the best clues regarding "Creation" are found there, within the core of you that need not travel in a human shell. Oh, how the nihilists may scream or wish to giggle now. But should they experience the mercy of allowing themselves to recognize the potential access to logic this offers for contemplation, they will find something very powerful to hold on to on their path out of depression and/or their self-defeating ignorance.
All of this, all of life, is a collection of choices, working on gaining back coherence within the ever-growing complexity of creation, long before this, which we call "physical reality" or "universe". Not that the very word "universe" wasn't already clue enough, but it only gains meaning once we realize who is "singing" that verse. And it is indeed all of us and not one other somebody.
Now then, what is the meaning of creation?
Creation is a process that has started into eternity for some dubious reason, but which will not end with this universe of ours. We are but a step in the process, albeit a fairly advanced one, considering the complexity we somehow have to deal with. We had separated into us, countless individuals, long before we coagulated into individual- not divisible- souls. This thinly spread oil of consciousness that has us droplets enabled to look at ourselves may at some point merge again, having gained structure or having regained the power to dissolve back into complete harmony. However, no force can bring about the needed/desired harmony. This is likely our greatest dilemma at this point in the process. However, if I was allowed to gander at this, I believe the meaning of creation is to find harmony of choices at our layer of complexity. That means we are not meant to reduce our complexity, giving up our tamest dreams, "following our hearts", accepting oppression against our better judgement or the likes. We are meant to find and follow our ideals with those around us in mind and we are meant to have faith in each other and help those, who yet have trouble to develop such faith.
It is a daunting task and there's no end in sight for that process, but we will get there eventually. The sooner you subscribe to your true self and the true power of your heart and mind, the sooner your recognize that we are all part of a process we are choosing for ourselves with every cycle of life we embark on, the sooner we find ourselves in a collective heaven where you can share your dream and rely on the dreams of others. It won't make it an "easy" place, but one where you will know you want to be.
As for the meaning of your life, well, the answer is simply in your will. You know it already, but you have to allow yourself to discover it and it is for your part of the process. Most often not knowing is part of that pursuit, even if that line seems to make no sense now. Life can only be learned by doing, or so it would appear. So...  live!


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Blogger IlluminautA said...

Hey Taron, remember when you wrote me, get out of the Hollywood Worshipping system?
well that helped set a path in my life, thank you :)
This is a lovely follow up.


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Blogger Antonimo said...

"The moment you lose access to faith is what makes you a victim at the mercy of those, who stole it from you."
So if I am the one who "stole" faith, then i'm in mercy of myself?
Also, what if I did not lose access to faith, but merely discovered it to be a mental mechanism for dangerous self deception?

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Blogger Taron said...

Oh dear, I somehow lost the expectation that anybody was still reading my observations, haha. I'm sorry, I did not mean to ignore you!

Stefano, that's awesome, I'm very happy for you! It's not an easy road, but the road that actually goes somewhere and your real power has a chance to manifest.

Antonimo, you can't just gain clarity by recognizing a confusion or even trying to drop it. It's like walking out of a prison. First you find yourself on the street, out in the open. Then you have to realize that the "street" made out there for you, is not necessarily the one you need to take. Ready yourself to make mistakes, but try to let those be your own. Then, gradually, you will also shed your "self deception". Faith is never something you can successfully just "take on", because somebody gave you the words. Faith is also never the solution, but the side effect of your growing understanding! The more you understand that you are of highest importance to this entire process, the more you will begin to trust that your actions matter a great deal, even if they appear small, when you look at the world as a whole. And you are here to give and to receive, which means that you are meant to find your place in it all, where you gain what you truly need to gain and give what you truly wish to give. But you may still have to shed a whole bunch of layers of confusion.
But don't get too anxious along the way. Ultimately all your choices will lead you to what you need to find out at your present state of development. Every lifetime has you as both student and teacher, no matter how close you come to simply "be". But the closer you come to that, the more you will love what you do and appreciate what the others do.

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