Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Playing with fire on thin ice


Letting go to win the price. There are no chains that lock us up, but our own hands, holding on for dear life, with our eyes squeezed shut, not realizing that life itself is standing right beside us, shrugging.

It's irrelevant whose fault it was, it's no use to try and point the finger, especially while we're still holding on. The first thing to do is to let go. 

Remember those first swimming lessons?

Except this time we're not at risk to drown, but we are at risk to suffocate, the longer we try to hold on.

We know very little, if anything. Some of us manage to piece together a glimpse of clarity, seeing how all that we've been taught was meant for us to believe and use as orientation so we do not struggle against a system, which is designed to organize us. But the more aggressive the design has become, the more buried the logic of life has become, too. And the less it all made sense to us, the more powerful the replacement of logic becomes. Because we lose trust in our own intuition, our ability to judge our own experiences, let alone that which we're being shown.

A glimpse of clarity reveals that this form of life, this platform of interaction we call "universe" is designed to work. It's designed to carry our will and let us exchange our ideals, merge them, tailor a working flow of revelations to achieve permanence in the way we link the best each of us has to offer. More than likely there are countless planets, each with the same fundamental mission, but what matters to us is life on Earth. And it is designed to work! It is not our enemy or our weakness or a dwindling resource. It is abundance, it is resilience and it is totally self-sustaining. Just that life itself is merely a platform, directed only by concept and reaction. We are given this platform, while I'd love to go as far as saying that "we" have created this platform for us, so that we can manifest something new in a different sense than maintenance. Natural maintenance is in the root of the concept of life and all of physical reality. We just get bad feedback for bad things we do. The moment we do good things, well, good things come back to us, we get good feedback. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?

The animal within us is a part of life, a part of the platform we have here. This animal is part of the reactive concept. The more safe it feels, the more control we have over it. The more we can use it to manifest our ideals. The more scared it gets, the more it overrides any access we have to it, the less we get to pursue manifestation.

Let go... you will be safe!


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