Monday, September 19, 2005

Goxo - 015

Just a little hair painting test...I do such things from time to time. Something I observe inspires me and I try to reproduce the system or trait I thought to have recognized. The character is just nonsense and not a portrait of any actual person, although it looks like a plausible and nightmarish caricature of possible daughter of mine, haha....please, don't let it ever match that one...and if, at least I have a present for her 30's birthday then...which might have to come with the inheritance by that time, I'm afraid.

(journal: well, it's past 2am in the morning despite the fact that I hardly drank two cups of coffee's like I'm pulled into the night by some uncontrollable force...or a project that really costs me a piece of my spiritual well-being...who knows...)


Blogger Tony C said...

That eye is great. Have you ever seen Micheal Hussar's work?

5:06 PM  
Blogger Taron said...

That's amazing stuff! Thanx for the link! Wow...I think I've seen his stuff before or at least a few images! Beautiful and from where I stand it appears to be very unique!

1:12 PM  

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