Monday, November 27, 2006

ZbornToy madness...

Let me start this with a little "sigh"...

The ZbornToy is released now for about a month. The few artists, who decided to take a look at it more closely did discover some of the power of it. More so, they've discovered that it does open up a new world to them. But I can count them on my two hands. I know, I'm simply not a marketing kind of guy and I will have to do a lot more explaining, but at the same time I'm very sad that only so few even attempt to explore.

What happened to us?

Even now, after I've worked in this industry for such a long time and created things with so many tools, I'm still do blown away by what this tiny thing can make me do. Never has it been so easy to come up with genuinely new looks. Art and hope for art to return on such a beautiful and powerful medium as the computer have come to me with it. And I just can't accept that people don't at least feel the need to find out or have the tiny moment of patience to let themselves realize this.

How did I conceil its power?

I guess I should use more fancy taglines like: Sometimes great things come in little packages!

Anyway, this is my blog and I can write what ever I want to write, right?
So here is what I want to write:
But don't just hook it up and dial around wildly! Check out the demo projects and explore the features. Play with them wisely!


With great confidence I can tell you this, you will create wonderful things and you will feel the power it gives you! It's a little marvel, it really is!'s my little diary here...I so wish from the bottom of my heart, that one day soon I will look back at this and laugh. And when this happens, I most likely will shed a few tears, too. My ticket to create a new world of tools for artists may have arrived then.