Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not Too Ancient Deception - as above, so below?

"As Above, So Below", whether it's a masonic propagation or that of any other modern puppetiers, it echoed through my head this morning.
Recently I've began to explore the Bhagavad-Gita and stumbled across a beautiful section, which describes a very special tree, the Banyantree. It explains that this tree has its roots grow upwards and the branches downwards. It represents the material world, which is but a reflection, an illusion in the water, so to say. The truth, which grows the right way around, represents the spiritual world, while this should really refer to the aspect of reality which goes beyond our ordinary senses or rather builds the true foundation/origin of the material world.

I somehow assume that claiming the above and the below would end up being the same is an attempt to deceive people into disregarding the true nature of existence and to rely completely on the material manifestion as it were. Thus cutting off our sights to our very own true nature and submit ourselves to the easily manipulating material aspects of individual finality. Trapping people in that very state for as long as possible. Of course, it's just a thought, an interpretation of mine that could be quite wrong. Maybe it's been a careful hint of theirs at the full construct of existence. Or it means that the higher realms (above) design or preview the lower realms (below) , so to say. But looking at all that ended up being associated with such groups in terms of design of society and the propagated mindset I can't help but assume a certain shameless ruthlessness in their very roots to suggest such blinding ideas. Whether that's been a loss of understanding, or the purposeful deceit I come to sense.

Naturally, I'm nowhere near understanding it all, I'm even confused about my very own state as of now, but the moment I've begun to see that there's something more, a fundamental principle that is occluded by contrived urgencies of modern life, hiding access to our true purpose and even individual function, I just had to begin learning more about universal mechanics.
And what I'm finding out right now is, that the logic I have already arrived at is quite well reflected in the most ancient scriptures still available to us now. I went at it in a different way, stumbling through thought processes, which are simply evolving and show great many gaps and most likely a lot of silly mistakes, but so far I can only collect variations and see what's been explored already by others. It's a young journey to me, but I'd conclude that we've been given the proper answers long before we even started to try recording them. And all that we can still find are clumsy attempts to recover this knowledge/understanding.

Anyway, it seems as if only behavioral guidance is left in some detail, while the teachings that would reveal information that should help us to some understanding are all but lost. This guidance, however, is by no means trivial or "just a nice option" for that matter. It actually should make us fulfill what we've been intended for to achieve or to become, really. We are meant to obey a set of instructions that lives within us and religious texts and "laws" are meant to keep us on track, allow us to find those instructions.
It's the "demonic" cheat that cuts us off from truely exploring where we can find the devine instructions within us. It belittles that which is called "spiritual" or transcendental for that matter. To claim that this truely governing aspect of existence(above) is of no meaning, no need to look any further than the material world (below). That's the great deception and it's probably not too ancient at all. My guess would be it's no older than 6000 years.

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