Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Primary vs. Secondary

Our instincts appear to be encouraged to elevate secondary effects above primary motives, up to the point of replacement.
While it appears as if we seek approval for what we're doing, we're being pushed to achieve approval with what we're doing. One example is the idea of receiving money by any means, ideally something we can tolerate as opposed to doing the best we can do and being rewarded with money in return. And money itself is a medium that has- at the very least- developed into a control mechanism that would produce this confusion and certainly maintain it. Even if we are being lead to believe that money could represent the treasure and path towards luxury and great wealth, it really is being tied directly to our survival. Fulfilling both those aspects, money is both bribe and extortion at the same time. Money is meant to be perceived as security and success.
Another aspect, which by itself also represents a form of security, is popularity, public success, generically speaking. The approval itself that would allow or even guarantee survival. While there may be a direct tie to monetary benefits from popularity, even without the money aspect, popularity provides this sense of security and the elevation of once own attractivity.
With these two devices alone, people are being manipulated away from the otherwise necessary sincerity, which could truely empower them. As opposed to investigating the inner self-direction, we are persuaded to search for paths to achieve secondary effects, bypassing or even replacing our primary powers, impulses that we can find at all times and that would help us to define who we truely are and could create a society in which people get to see who everyone else is and respect them, recognizing a truely reliable self-integration.
If you know, who to ask to create proper footwear, you know who to turn to. If you want to cook a proper meal, you know who to ask or whom to learn from. If you break a bone, if you want to laugh, if you want to create, if you need help and if you want to understand... a society filled with sincerely dedicated members has the greatest potential to more than just survive in comfort. We would encounter our true limits only to overcome them, too.
Let's have a look at modern product and advertising politics. Companies don't look for needs that are left unaddressed, they try to create needs for which they could provide a solution. This phenomenon is quite overt, inspiring people to think in the same terms. No longer do they listen to what they truely understand and feel, but instead the externalize the thinking process, trying to examine what they could sneak into other people's lives. Not to improve them, but hoping for those others to believe they could improve their lives with some product. If there's not enough room left for artificial necessities, status and popularity are being targeted. Products are being tailored to represent status and suggest to be shortcut into achieving popularity simply by owning them. Successful ventured are being publicized as an example for the benefits of this kind of thinking, further supporting the departure from sincerity and any sense of self-reliance. Secondary above Primary effect, take the ability away from people to believe in their own thought-processes. Everything becomes a challenge, because people are being shoved into a race for the same achievment. If you want to drive people apart from each other, that's one heck of a brilliant approach. It's another win/win solution for "the agents of chaos",- as I like to call members of this paradigm,- taking away the true power of the people and diverting the remaining power to let them fight each other.
My answer to it is esotherical enough to make most people just shut down. But what are alternative speculations that would not destroy the common believes about how life works. I've created a model of existence, which offers a possible logic behind it all with an acceptable ambiguity towards the origin of its fundamentals, as far as I'm concerned, of course. But if I were to try to ignore my own reasoning and look for some explanation that doesn't go beyond governments, banks and modern, sanctioned science, I could suggest some arbitrary societal control to ensure certain genuine agendas to deal with potential adversities of environmental limitations and maybe the hopes of some upper class to maintain control of the masses and security for themselves from revolting mobs. While the latter is just a wee bit less nonsensical, the first part is a downright lie. Other alternative options are impending disasters that can't be prevented, while only few could be provided with safety to survive. Yet, other alternatives are a certain greed and desire for global dominance to simplify the ruling mechanisms of trade and exchange. But non of those things explain a reliable and lasting answer for the big "Why". Why would any controlling element over the masses risk the destruction of healthy minds, who could contribute to find solutions for emerging challenges. Is there any knowledge that would guarantee that the DNA of common people is so useless that all hope would be wasted on us? Oh, yes, naturally this is already silly talk, right. All measures to ensure our health and proper nutrition, supported, subsidised or even enforced by any government, are genuinely brilliant and in the best interest of us all. It's people like ourselves, who occupy positions in all fields. We wouldn't turn against ourselves, right. Because it is ourselves, who are responsible for all these measures. Science is completely sincere, education is to nurture our intellectual evolution and politics are the means to simplify the organization of the masses for the masses. Some greedy, foul apples may interfer sometimes, but once they're picked out and are publically displayed, all is well again in the populous, right. And suddenly our strange little weaknesses to fall for those mechanics to strive for secondary effects can be justified and properly belittled. We still have our dignity, right? But what's that anyway. Can't buy a sugarfree gum with dignity or the burger before that.
The only "personal bubble" people are talking about describes one's psychological state, regarding privat issues. But the reality is, the perception of life that is being tought to us is the real bubble we're stuck in. The idea of "simplicity" and the submission to the infinite complexity of government, institutions and business as a whole, that's the iron bubble we're being pushed in. And for a while it felt like that bubble had room for half of mankind. Today there's barely room for a family or even oneself. Tomorrow... maybe your head won't fit in that bubble anymore.
Within yourself, inside your true conscious self, if you get to revive it, sits the answer to what you need to do, shaped and shaking as what you truely want to do, what you will end up loving to do. It does not know the government, it does not know television, it does not know institutions, it barely knows your neighbor. But it knows who you truely are. And when you reveal it and share it, you will begin to know you and your family will know you, your neighbor may get to know you and you'll be able to truely begin to simply do your best. Remember, it might not even be a specific task you love to do, it may just be helping others, it may just be learning and sharing the observations, it may be silly and reptetitive tasks for the sake of participating, all of this can satisfy this aspect of your soul and you can rely on your instincts so that people may rely on you. Glory is truth, as is simplicity, as is clarity. This will lead you towards your primary motive and security, happiness and satisfaction will revive the glory of the secondary effects again for what they are.


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