Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soul - a devine device?

Alright, no excuses, I'm on a curious path these days, investigating devine matters, trying to understand the workings within humans and our presence. And every now and then I arrive at some curious ideas. Curious enough to share, even if it may seem a bit "out there" or what ever it makes me look like. Obviously I don't quite care all that much about my appearance, just enough to mention it, haha.

After all my contemplations in regards to our origin and function I came to think that Love would be the device by which we can read and follow a devine guidance system. But Love itself is only one of the ways a device may communicate with us. It might be more appropriate to recognize the Soul as such. What we sense as love is the confirmation for a proper decision, while pain or sorrow are warning signals, all issued by the soul itself. It's not a matter of locating the soul, really, but probably rather recognizing it as our "god given" guidance system. It's embedded within what we call intuition or even instinct, the basic workings of our mind. Our mind is not just wired for survival, neither are our instincts. Why, for example, would we risk or life for someone or even something (slightly misguided) we love. While I'd like to drop a distinction there. I'd like to speculate that it is the result of a design. Oh, it ain't easy to go down that road, I know, not to laugh at intelligent design and to dismiss pure evolution, but one would do well to truely go beyond earth and its local manifestation of life to investigate a stronger coherence within existence as a whole.

Increasingly I'm becoming convinced that an entity we call god has actually called us into existence to serve a very specific purpose. I've written about some of it earlier; "The Puzzle...". This god, however, may well be one entity, having been complete enough in "its" composition (forgive me, if I don't pick a gender right now!) to recognize a state of incompletion, that may pieces are missing. To find the missing pieces and to integrate it, Yahweh (if that's a name for his entity) created agents, simplified copies of itself to scour the universe for pieces of the puzzle so that god could come and implement means to find a proper integration. Having gone that far already, I might as well assume that it'll be humans or humanoids in all systems. I'm also assuming that all matter in the universe we recognize are the product of coagulation and encase fragments needed to complete the puzzle. Most of them may be small enough to be somewhat generic and useless until a blueprint was available. While other pieces, such as those on earth, are complex enough to require careful experimentation- for the lack of a better word.
In some ways it somehow reminds me of the copying process within our cells, while the existing DNA offers such a blueprint onto which smaller fragments can be fitted. The entity's dilemma may be the lack of such a blueprint.
However, those agents we commonly refer to as angels, were fitted with great power, left with no natural demise, but given two major intellectual traits to function well by themselves; self-preservation and obedience to god.
Armed with the knowledge of what's to come, that the final union of all fragments would defy there sense of self-preservation, some of them concluded to sacrifice obedience. Those became the fallen angels.
Recognizing this tragic mistake, god had to reconsider the means to control its creation. A different method had to be implemented to guide the created vessles and rely on their self-sufficiency. The result might well be the soul. The soul would reward you with love and warn you with discomfort. Soul may be but a word, describing the code section of the mind that should keep us on the right path. The right path would have us choose based on true love and find the right direction where we sense to find it. Particularely those, who'd find together to procreate, would do so most advantageously, if true love brought them together.
The fallen angels, demons, would try to corrupt this process to delay the final solution, stealing time to formulate the means for their survival. They would impose restrictions on humanity, preventing them from moving freely, choosing freely and encountering true love, where ever possible. They would delude the minds to create great sense of urgency, lifting survival above love and making security a priority which could be satisfied by superficial means. They implemented means to control the population of earth, distract it and hide from it. They would corrupt humans into becoming agents for them, luring them with hope and convincing them of the importance for self-preservation. After all, god couldn't offer them an explanation for what's so good about being whole again. Why would such suicide of an individual result in a greater good?
God's terrible dilemma wouldn't get any easier. That which "it" has created, fueled with its own urge to be, could not sense the urgency of being complete, rewarded with contentment in a fragmental state, the creation would rebel without an answer for why their own disolving could lead towards any aspirable goal. It's a terrible state. But when you recognize the truth throughout it all, you can find out something so liberating, so powerful and wonderful, that you gladly fulfill your mission and listen with joyful care. Every living thing, every piece of the puzzle is god. You are a piece of god. Life know. So you only perpetuate confusion and chaos by not having faith in what this device is telling you. We're god's hope to become whole again and our soul helps us to navigate by offering us direction through powerful love and informational pain.

Yes, I know, it's broad and undetailed, it's skippy and simplistic, but it's a start, I believe. Find the root and follow it up the tree, you know.

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