Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meditation - defiance of lower dimensions...

A brief thought about meditation makes it appear to me, as if it was an attempt to defy the imperative of lower dimensions, which build-up ours. For example, one style of meditation asks a yogi to reverse his breathing, sacrificing one direction of the breath to the opposing one, down to up, up to down. In that he tries to experience and control the automation of his existence, which are apparently dictated by the laws introduced through the lower dimensions. This way he may sacrifice willingly submission to the fundamentals with a conscious alteration in favor of the next higher dimension, showing his awareness of what comes after or above himself.

In some ways the conscious renouncement of activity as it may be expected of him outside of his awareness, signalizes his devotion and his active participation in submission to the higher.

I believe this could well make an excellent call for help, but should be handled with great caution as it was highly presumptuous to claim a useful deed to the higher by defying the lower. It should be made clear, that all meditation of that kind is a selfish matter, even if the outcome may provide improvement to ones activity in awareness of the higher and all that is connected and all that are connected to it.

Just a thought, really.


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