Monday, April 02, 2012

Daily Sketch No.15

...perfect as it is...

It's quite easy, isn't it? "Life- right now- is perfect as it is." What a statement. And it is right, it really is perfect as it is right now. But that does not mean we freeze this moment or become content with what ever led up to now. It means that we recognize that there was obviously nothing else we could've done until now for it to become now, but it also means that the very next second everything will be different. And it depends on us whether we recognize that it requires our actions to be better and it will be our actions when it gets worse. Our wisdom helps us to interpret reality until and including now and offers a decision on how we respond to shape the creation of the next moment.

Fatalism, which is part of my very own perspective, suggests that Now is a thing of an unalterable past, the definition of ourselves up until we care to perceive it again and how ever flawed, weak, brilliant or strong we may be, it used to be our best. But does it give us reason to rest, reason to ignore that we design the change of our definition with every waking moment?

It requires time and practice to really find a feeling, an understanding on how we optimize ourselves more and more. I don't think we are supposed to fight against who we are, but pick out our potential from the rubble of Now and carry it to the next level piece by piece.

After all, only because we can recognize ourselves, become self-aware and are enabled to compare us to others "like" us, we are not the wreck we may perceive in the mirror, but a marvelous creation with the very purpose to become the best we can be. And what we can be is not defined in others, not even in the mirror. It is in the Self that we can't perceive with our five senses, because they are not for us. Those senses are for the curious manifestations around us, the material world, which is the framework upon which we link to each other in this magnificent universe. But our true Self merely receives the interpretation of reality and is not the interpreter. Our true Self is offered to interact with reality as a force from within that is meant to contribute. To imitate is the process of learning found within a child. When we mature we are meant to understand those imitations and draw from them what we need to become the source of imitation, not to perpetuate the passivity of it.

This way we can recognize truly that the very next moment will be perfect as it is with what we decide to do for it. Then all others can receive this very same understanding, too.


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