Monday, April 02, 2012

Daily Sketch No.17

How do we decide between chaos and order. If we rise high above it all, where can we find peace, orientation and belonging. Maybe, when we get to see it all, we cannot even recognize where we belong anymore? Maybe we have to consider, that all we are meant to deal with is directly in front of us at eye-level. Maybe we have to accept the boundaries of our imagination as our realm of operation. For some this may seem boundless, for others it may be very clearly defined. Neither of them are to regarded as different qualities, or hierarchical privilege, but simply as realms of duty. And regardless of how massive the field of comfort and vision may appear or how narrow it presents itself, we may see it all, yet we operate on the speck that we occupy at any given moment. And it behooves us to focus on this spec, drawing from all that we can sense, but paying attention and the greatest respect to the spec of Now that we have to deal with. The pressure on this spec sometimes can threaten to explode us into the rest of our awareness and we tumble through it, losing sight of the piece of ground we stand upon. Maybe we get even sucked into even higher planes where we then see this bewildering truth, the grand scheme that goes so far beyond what we can conceive as order or any hope of aiding a process within all this that could ever make it into some sensible structure. This is when we should find peace in what we are and what is given to us and deal with it with the appropriate amount of gratitude, finding an understanding that leads us to the kind of joy we receive for having dealt properly with our conscious contribution to the level of the whole that we can still sort out. And with appropriate amount of faith in its purpose for something beyond our comprehension.


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