Monday, April 02, 2012

Daily Sketch No.18

The Great Cocoon

Something starts and ends and in between it is and was and will be after it became and before it was no more; the cocoon within which we know Now and outside which Now knows us. And in billion ways we may appear and billion ways appear within us. It makes us known and we make it known, but neither do we know its ways nor which way we appear again, not before and not after and barely in between.

The silk of which our time is woven, carefully it makes a skin so thick that all we sense with all the senses, fashioned by its wondrous milk see, feel, taste and touch the boundary of which we hear as we share amongst each other through the membranes of our fruit of life the tumbling turns through strings of meaning far beyond our faintest grasp. Yet, caught between our legs and thighs the well of silk keeps weaving life to thrive and conquer a becoming, larger, fuller, fine and stunning, cunning, wiser, filled with ever brighter fire, seeing more and breaking open gates to Nows we'll only know after our repeated blooming right until the day we'll never die again.

And from inside the ball of string a being joins a being still, releasing all it's hungry toil into a new and silky ball that forms again a realm of joy and pain and wish and wonder, strive and thrive and lust and ponder, dance and run and limp and linger, cry and laugh and scream and whisper whispers of the Great Cocoon, the universe, the harvest, school, the friend and lover, dinner dates, the latest news and newest trends and what's inside the tasty drink, how was your day, are you ok, technology, a circus and a healthy pet, yoga, jobs, transportation, foot massage, furniture, vacation, hair color, religion, sports, architecture, revelations, advice, recipes, shows, gadgets, language, knots, aches, arts, families,........ ..... ... .. . . .


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