Monday, April 02, 2012

Daily Sketch No.19

Of flesh and spirit...

The corrupted connection between body and soul permits the mind to become a parasite of the flesh. Once the mind is of such character it blocks not just the soul, but the spirit, which joins the stream from the metaphysical realm into the body's physicality. Such mind then prevents the person associated with it from discovering its own societal function, which further pushes this merely instrumental part called intellect into a destructive state, which always becomes wholesomely destructive, whether obviously against others, or obviously against the self, it always results in the destruction of both, which thereby reveals all to be as One to begin with.

From a spiritual point of view life and its physical manifestations are rather viewed as a whole, of essential integrity, a complete picture, even if ever evolving. But once flesh is perceived by the physical eye, by the senses, almost no context makes it look appealing as long as it is not infused with spiritual qualities. Dead meat is unpleasant to us, even if most chose to eat it while it's fresh and ready to be cooked. I think this is quite fascinating, considering that what most people cling to they ultimately find disgusting, when viewed in part, but no matter how hard you'd try to dissect the spirit, not only does any part ever really feel disconnected to the whole, but each part has a certain kind of beauty, whether we'd try to visualize it or if we just marveled intellectually at its properties.

Those are just random thoughts, inspired by my little doodle up there, which- as per usual- just sort of manifested itself after I saw a human heart being dissected.


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