Monday, April 02, 2012

Daily Sketch No.20


Everything we say and everything we consider to communicate is quantized. And unless we manage to consciously perceive the analogue nature of existence, we even perceive and imagine it as quantized. At this point we are locked into our set of averages into which we translate our experiences and with which we define ourselves, everyone and everything else. And it is by this phenomenon that we stumble upon misunderstandings, coarsely different opinions, frustration and possibly even depression. I believe that this is how our mind manifests itself, or how its interpretive process corrupts the subtleties of our souls true contribution of consciousness.

Think of it in terms of associated volumes or sizes, like an elephant and a room. We are taught to associate a heavy and big animal, up to a hundred times our own weight, gray skin, big ears and a trunk with the word "Elephant". We associate the word "Room" with a space that fits maybe around 10 people comfortably. The moment we put an elephant into the room in our mind, the room slightly increases in size to even imagine the situation and the provoked analogy becomes quite clear; it's impossible for anyone in the room not to notice the elephant. If we were taught that an elephant is a tiny creature about the size of a flee... well, no need to go on. The word room, however, is a contextual quantization, because it may mean the architectural feature of a room or it could be the generic description of open space, relative to its enclosure; i.e. there's still "room" in the drawer.

Thus, although there are many ways in which we can alter the quantization of a subject in order to communicate our thoughts, they remain as such; a more or less defined quantum in hopes to act as useful medium to bring across our ideas. And unless we transform such a delivered information back into an analogous form, which still holds the desired understanding that was meant to be transferred, we may continue to keep quantizing the quantized until only big gray blocks of gibberish remain and nothing makes any real sense anymore, or the basis of its meaning is completely lost.

I know, I know, this is a bit dry of a topic and not necessarily easy to understand, because its reaches are tremendous and my delivery is not. However, I think if we start to recognize this problem, it might help to solve misunderstandings amongst ourselves as well as improving our internal process of understanding.

The ultimate truth is not quantized in ways we are accustomed to understand, but may finds its definition within vibrational properties, peaks and valleys, interferences, loops, intersections, who knows, but it brings forth us in every single moment and composes boundaries by which we identify the elements of our reality and are enabled to communicate. It therefore is not a flaw, but a trait, and just like that we should always recognize each other as a trait and not as a flaw, even if the square minds of some won't fit into the mosaic of others.

That reminds me of one other thought I had this morning in regards to Art. What if the revelation about a problem long gone becomes a piece of art for those who have forgotten.


Blogger Jason B. said...

This painting is very enjoyable. The combining symmetry of the analog and organic elements are very clever. Well done!

9:38 AM  

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