Monday, April 02, 2012

Daily Sketch No.21

Today I've made a little sculpture for you, using Sculptris. It's been a while since I've done a 3d sketch last, but I was in the mood for it, so there you have it. Naturally, Some of you may rightfully think that I've done this one for myself, but I would've stopped at the torso, as I was just curious about the shoulder area of a cat, but then I though, hmmmm.... so far I've made only 2d doodles since I'm here, why not finish up a 3d doodle for a change.

Today's topic was a back and forth in my head between Resonance and Kaballah, but I couldn't decide what to think about and eventually ceased thinking much at all. But just to make note of the start of today...

On Resonance...

Re-Sonance is in some regards the reflection or repetition of a sound (sona) or vibration. The nature of the resonating body picks up certain frequencies, when stimulated, and continues them as well as it then is self-stimulated and continues swinging, usually with some decay so that it does not swing infinitely, which would represent a so called self-resonance and ordinarily drives upward toward and explosion, rather than staying steady or decaying. This term could find good use in an analogy to perception of ideas. Some ideas resonate with us, because to some degree we had them already or at least parts of them, so those will resonate with us, continue swinging. Around the exact frequency, then, swings a portion of the alteration or addition to it and we receive an expansion of our prior ideas, if we allow them to come along. This depends on the amount of filtration we find in our character. It does not matter whether you're spiritually inclined, fanatic or blind to it altogether, the strength of this filter is independent from your interest, but describes your attitude. And once the filter is too tight, barely any other idea has a chance to come through, regardless how much the resonance might've been stimulated.

On Kaballah...

The Sepher Yetzirah mentions as part of the process of creation that God or the Divine Origin had the Hebrew AlephBet (alphabet) as basic building blocks for the universe. In fact, that's what the whole thing is about. And as part of the procedure, God was combining each letter with each letter, and arrives at a rather arbitrary appearing number of combinations, but that's not the point. It reminded me of the process of using knowledge or dealing with understanding for that matter. I felt that this hints at the necessity to never crystallize or freeze understanding into knowledge, but instead with every new entry of understanding or knowledge to combine and reevaluate former understandings in order to revive them and turn them into active components of our thinking. If we were to do this consistently, we would refine and enrich our wisdom efficiently at all times. ...was just a thought.


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