Monday, April 02, 2012

Daily Sketch No.23

Our world/Their world (?!)

Who is anyone to tell somebody else what clouds are meant to look like, trees , mountains or the whole of existence. Who's everyone, daring to oppose it and seemingly denying that, which threatens the condition he had managed to accept.

I often wondered, if it is not all of us, who have some profound revelations at around age 14-17, which put all the offered views of the world into question and when we somehow sense that there's another component we don't easily hear about. But then school kicks into high gear and our focus is forced away from all that, pushed into submitting to the offered paradigms, getting disciplined and conditioned to be integrated into this society. And kids become people, convinced that their sacrifice has to amount to something, so they keep biting through this offered cake of life, often more the fruitcake variety, and rejoice for what ever raisin or chocolate chip they come across, hoping to find more as they dig deeper into it.

Now you come along, you somehow had the frame of mind to chew your way upward or outward to the crust of the cake and popped your head out to realize that there's a giant menu of stuff all around you and that the actual dinner is far more nutritious and tasty looking than that cake. And from the top of your lungs you try yelling into the dough, hoping somebody would hear you and not even considering the possibility that they would not believe you. And when those people hear you, they hear some muffled mambo jumbo about healthy food and tasty veggies and all that strange stuff that would just taste horrible inside the cake. So they turn away and keep chewing, entertained enough by the variety of dried up sweets and willing enough to get through the bland crumbs.

Now, I doubt that we get our hands on the baker, but we might as well just celebrate with each one, who pops out of the cake to take part in the real feast. Sure, we'll have to do the dishes, too, and might even have to do some cooking of our own, but- wow- what a treat we're having altogether.

Bon Appetite.


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