Saturday, April 07, 2012

Daily Sketch No.25

A fun little meditational exercise: Standing or hovering above this pedestal is an object of your imagination. Keep this object there for a while. Form it, observe it, even consider touching it.

Is it just a form, is it made of stone or wood, ice or pudding, grew that way, crystalized, or is it even alive?

Hold it for a few minutes, if you can. Just even looking at it comfortably should already do the trick.

Eventually you can lift it off the pedestal and take it with you, just look at it where ever you are and do that everyday for a few minutes. It may even evolve, change, melt, erode or not, but in its essence it stays what or who it is through it all.

After you've done this for a while consistently, we can continue to the next level together.

I just realized that I've been doing this for almost three decades now without ever realizing it. It just suddenly dawned on me that I made this very exercise a pivotal aspect of my profession. But I never consciously associated it with a spiritual path of exploration, all the while that is the very thing that kept brewing in the back of my mind until it so powerfully erupted out of me in the last few years.

Anyway, I hope you will find this exercise inspiring and consider joining this little game. Some of you may have done this already or know this from elsewhere, because it is a training method for concentration and a preparation for deep meditation. A skill of the mind that benefits from exercise just as the body from a good workout. I figured this little pedestal is a neat little anchor to get started.


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