Monday, April 02, 2012

I'm just having some fun with the tree of life, using sculptris, photoshop and canvarion. I realize that it's not the most inspired work and I've been quite sloppy about it, as it is a bit off of the beaten path, but it's still kinda pretty, I thought. No idea, if it was just my ignorance forming it that way, or if through it something else just spoke, but there it is...

One of my favorite things out of the Zohar thus far is the suggestion that any carefully derived interpretation of the Torah will ascent immediately to Kether, to God, and will be filed as another aspect of the Truth. Of all the things one might want to say about seemingly dogmatic religion, the Hebrew kept a stunningly open path and humility in regards to their scripture. Only sincere care to understand the meanings contained within ancient texts can reveal the true power of theirs and has them contribute to a greater understanding, which also greatly manifests in respect. And if there's anything provocative I could say about the Torah, it would be my claim for it to be anti-dogmatic.


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