Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daily Sketch No.33


Without Limits there would be no form. A Beginning and an End are limits in themselves. Where they meet a cycle ends and begins. On each limit an inside ends and begins. But as with time such it is with space, where the limit only separates to distinguish a becoming from a having-been and not the "What" that permeates it all. This "What" is defined yet by its own limits, which cease to be for the "What" that permeates it beyond. As each cell within us has its limits, we permeate it and define ourselves beyond them. So our body has its limit to the outside, with which it is defined, but our purpose permeates it. The purpose of this body has its limits since it had a beginning and will have an end, but our Soul permeates it. Our Souls have a limit to define each of us as individual, but its purpose permeates it. Carry on to meet the face of God, which still would bring you up yet another limit and only the infinite permeates it. And thus it does.

What about breaking the Limits? What about acknowledging the Limits? What about recognizing them?

Is it the will of a cell that gives it its walls? Is it our will that gives us the limit of our skin? Is it our Souls will that distinguishes us from each other? Is it the will of the supernal Soul that splits it from the Infinite?

Who gives those limits and are they a blessing?

The great burden that was placed upon us was that we were given the power to impose limits, to make definitions and thereby to create form. While the Infinite has created everything out of nothingness by means of separating elements through limits, we organize ourselves together by means of limits. Done with the right intentions has us as a whole permeate our own limits. But if those limits push us apart or block the whole of us to link through those limits, then we corrupt this power vested in us. Equally, if we disregard the proper limits, we lose form. The key, I believe, is to embrace limitations, if we can permit ourselves to recognize the form they bring forth. Then we shall experience that it is love, which permeates those limits to bind us all together and directs the motion of this form, guiding us from our beginning to our end and permits God to permeate it all.

Daily Sketch No.32

Creation out of Nothing. Creation out of Everything. Those are the two major vertical polarities of existence. In a hubris worthy of apology I might phrase it like this: God created us so that we create God. Maybe a little more humble in nature:Where there was Nothingness, Everything became to turn Everything into the bridge to Nothingness again.
But that's not the point of today's sketch. This is about the role and nature of consciousness. It is the evolution of a thought, which still has to keep growing to confirm its own validity, but it's ripe to be shared, if only to inspire contradiction, diversification, acceptance or simply dismissal by all of us.
I come to believe that consciousness is purely aware with its key potential to widen that awareness and come to ever greater clarity about the roles of stages higher and lower as well as itself.
Consciousness is not creative, but aids creativity.
Consciousness is not analytical, but guides analysis.
Consciousness is not emotional, but regulates emotion.
Consciousness does not decide, but informs decision.
Consciousness has no action, but seeks correction through it, or stands to be judged for them.
It is the bridge, the heart, the core of what receives formation, wired to the supernal origin, wired to the dense realm of matter, but born blind, numb, deaf and mute, waiting to receive its lessons on Earth and its grades from Heaven.
What we are here is the only way in which consciousness evolves. Nowhere else can it change, receive new experiences and receive the devices to understand its own purpose. Like an infant it drops out of the womb of God, and like any being it has to learn to see, learn to walk, learn to speak and learn to understand. It does so, however, not within one life, but over the course of great many lifetimes in the material sphere.
Consciousness is the Soul, like human are you. Die now as a human and you will be born with the same degree of awareness only to suffer again until you can continue to evolve "consciously". Live as long as possible and with proper readiness to learn, so that you be granted a continuation based on your degree of awareness rather than a correction for your failings. All the teachings that sound like blind devotion are probably mostly misunderstood, because they are supposed to humble us in order to accept our duties with some clarity about what they really are for. Nothing is for ourselves, we do not exist for our sake, but we're given the grace of love and joy, desire and passion in sustainable form, letting us know that the right thing is a good thing. Mistakes are there to help us understand, not to cull us from the process by some harsh judgement. We are, if you will, product of a requisition, written in the method of God for the process of Existence. Therefore none of us will ever have to fear being destroyed as individual consciousness, but should embrace the choice to avoid the pain of stagnation that comes, if we roll through life blindly, selfishly and ignorant to others and thereby to the whole. The fruit of our labor is not relevant to God directly, but relevant to our function, which is relevant to God. We are aware of our labor, but often unaware of our function, because this we do not have to be. It might help us to understand more of this, but it is not a requirement, because we are created with the intrinsic power to function. Only our infantile confusion about the rewarding sense of joy and corrupting power of desire can have us ignore or even fight this power to function. But this I will leave to other sketches, those from before and those to come.

Brief Sketch on Soul and Bible

After I had realized the nature of soul and body, the true individual Self and its instrument, it became a deep part of my consciousness increasingly so day by day. Another part of my revelations included the understanding that it is our love and associated desires to the physical plane of existence that keeps us alive, but as the doctrine goes "as above so below" it is equally the love to our origin, our Creator, who or what is also our collective destiny, that sustains or maintains our sense of direction in life and a potential understanding of divine gratitude and appreciation.
So when I ran into this classic bible line again that goes, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'", I was somewhat baffled as to how well it made the distinction between, Soul, means of soul's communication with the physical incarnation (through the heart),  the physical instrument's body (your strength) and the physical instruments cognitive device (the mind) and the very important understanding that you can only truly love God, if you love all incarnations or members of life as the same, love your neighbor as yourself! Whether linguistically correct or splitting hairs, the " yourself" could be considered on a deeper level even more severe, realizing that you and your neighbor, meaning all of life, IS yourself. It also suggests rightfully that you cannot love yourself without loving your neighbor and- with any degree of awareness- this will also make you understand to love the Infinite, God, or which ever way your care to address the Most High causality of existence, everything in between and beyond.

I'm always a little sad that somehow non of the ancient deliveries cared to visualize those concepts explicitly, but simply assumed that you'll never understand the concept in its raw form and should at least act appropriately by being asked to, however coarsely. It isn't that everybody should be able to understand it in some scientific form, but that explanation should be easily available for those who cared.
Arguably, Qabalah is what provides access, if you happen to find to it, which was largely next to impossible for over 1000 years. Also, this may just apply to the "Christian" world, or Judeo-Christian world for that matter. Vedanta provides its own kind of access to what appears to be somehow almost scientific in some sense and does make it more explicit, regarding what we/you are in relation to the higher realms.
I found access because my soul literally dragged me into it over all these years and even decades for that matter. It's been pulling me and pushing me and juggled between prioritizing duties only to maintain a course that it wouldn't reveal to me fully until just a few years ago... or rather began to reveal. Now I just have to figure out what the true weight of my attention favors, awareness for myself to pursue a purpose known to me already or the sharing the path to the awareness as purpose itself. Why not all of it?

Anyway, there you have it... the Bible is "GEM"-packed with wisdom that tends to hide behind confusing and even objectionable story lines, images and dogmatic components. While in reality it really struggles to deliver to you a divine Truth not only undeniable, but fundamentally helpful.

Daily Sketch No.31

Unity of Heart and Mind

Once you begin to understand that body and mind are instruments to the soul, you begin to see that the unity of soul and mind does not refer to equal strength in decision making, but to accept the roles each have to play and- as a result- function thereby with confidence. The mind is not supposed to make any decisions. It is meant to receive and interpret reality to the soul and in return understand the direction of the soul and express it through proper interpretation of it. The mind is the first instrument, which in turn uses the body as instrument and even there it goes both ways, since the body utilizes the mind to do actions on its behalf.
The stream therefore goes something like this: soul<>mind<>body
Unity between all of those elements means that each accepts its role and does not claim false dominance. The soul has to accept that its first duty is to function in the physical world, which turns the soul into the instrument of God, or how ever you prefer to recognize the purpose giver, creator, ultimate receiver, eternal entity. I'm somehow sensing that I skip a few forces in between, but for now this should be enough.
That might add this portion to the stream of human existence: Infinite<>Soul<>mind<>body

Anyway, the core issue is that the ultimate unity turns the mind into an alert listening device that cares consciously to read the soul's command. We like to call the soul the heart, but the heart is merely the only way we distinctly sense the instruction of the soul. It makes, however, an excellent indicator for the origin of our inner direction. But it's important to recognize that the heart reflects a greater range of emotions, which may have their origin elsewhere at times.

Reason is important not to come to conclusions, but to properly interpret the physical reality so that it can be understood by us. Actions driven through reason only become truly useful, once we recognize the origin of the actions as being of the soul. Equally reason is meant to formulate the action requested by the soul.

Some people tend to favor their mind and skip their heart. Others even favor the body and skip both mind and soul. Only full unity can provide truly satisfying action and through this the real lesson for the soul to continue evolving. I believe that excuses are devices not just from one person to another, but very much internally a way of justifying a failure to reach unity.
Release yourself from former mistakes! Forgive without excuses! Embrace full unity of your faculties; body, mind and Soul! Know that all of these components make "You", not just the soul, just the mind or just the body. Without any of these components it is not you, but a part of you. To become the real and full you, you must strive for this unity!
It does not save you from making mistakes or does not turn you into a saint. It simply gives you the means to fully function to the best of your abilities and will give you confidence to be dutiful in your will.

Daily Sketch No.30

One of those trips...

Why is it a train of thoughts, when sometimes just one thought is its only passenger. Solitary, as some moments leave us, dreaming in a chair, falling into a single hand and walking through the warmth of being by yourself... and away. And as the world recedes again around us, it feels as though angels stand beside, making sure we know, pretending nothing but holding silence. And into the tearless cry of quietude slithers a tiny smile. A gift from a place not much higher than our own, but then above it all. It's where our home is at. Where we come from. Where we return to. Where we wait. From where we're called to go grow and given a mind, a body and a world to do so. Time after time. Here we are different. Here we are given time. Here we're given a chance to have all that and a chair to sit in. A moment to dream. A ticket for the train. And every time we send a thought onto the journey the train gets fuller.

Daily Sketch No.29


Yes, yes, I know, this may seem a bit provocative at first glance, but bear with me for a moment, please!
I believe the world would spontaneously improve dramatically, once people began to realize that all religious scripture is meant to educate, to teach with wisdom an understanding about our origin, our way of functioning along with social purposes and our common divine purpose. Except for the authors of these doctrines, nothing within them is or has the need to be historical. Once upon a time people may have had little difficulty to communicate through metaphors and allegories, would probably talk about their morning by anthropomorphizing the grass, the sun and their breakfast cereals. But at some point this overt power of language became occult and words themselves became content more than their contextual meaning. And through it people had lost the teaching component and substituted it with laws to submit to by following literal instruction as opposed to comprehending their ideas.
And when the Jews fell deeper and deeper into such misunderstanding and nowhere was something to be found that could clarify the nature of scripture, Jesus was made up to be far more explicitly transcendental and spiritual in language. Yet, even that wasn't enough, since soon that, too, wasn't explicit enough and the meanings drifted, even fell fairly straight into the occult.
And when the world woke up for a brief second during the renaissance, they only figured out that the church was full of it and started to turn their back on the whole thing. Scripture became silly fairy tales of some arbitrarily oppressive nature and science was the only relevant truth seeking to seriously consider. And off went the baby with the bathwater- or what ever that expression was.
But, due to the infinite wisdom of existence, groups somehow maintained this then occult information in every major religion and slowly but surly it began to surface again until we find ourselves today, overwhelmed by revelations about the brilliance of ancient scripture, whether exposed to it and understood or by the translations through modern esoterica and the likes. But that which each religion had turned into its dogma somehow still is a tabu of some kind. If you bounce around and reveal that Jesus never was a living person, Moses a delivery method and Abraham a concept, you best wear good protection. Yet, when it comes to Adam and Eve, the picture it represents is probably the closest to historical relevance, even if the dates are obscure and pulled into great nonsense by pretty much all organized religions. They represent not just a prototype of human form, but they represent the only whole that we all are parts of. It's about as metaphysically historical as it gets, I'd assume, but people probably have an easier time to understand that than all other corrections.
Trust me, I'm biting my lips the whole way through, knowing of my arrogance to just write all this with such confidence, but whether it is true or not, it should emphasize the educational power, relevance and truth that one can expect to find in ancient scripture of all religions, once examined for its symbolic transmissions. This does benefit greatly from having a key, an anchor from which to observe the presented images and processes explained in scripture. I believe that one of the most brilliant aids one can find is the Kaballah's tree of life. Each point, each Sephirah, represents a step in the process of existence and is derived from the combined knowledge of ancient understanding. The organization of the tree alone creates a symbolism that helps to find all major religious symbols and assign meaning to them that maintains consistency with the information presented in the texts. I'm still in the process of studying the Sephirod, combined with the Hebrew alphabet and hopefully at some point the language, too, in hopes to encounter more of the wisdom that led to the concept of the tree of life.
But that, too, only reveals some aspects, even if probably most or all are truly relevant to our present state. My own key is a bit different and somehow even simpler, due to the fact that it is based on our present way of thinking, observing through something closer related to a scientific contemplation and observation. However, most important about it was that it gave me a key to the levels of existence that are discussed in scripture. And through it I began to embrace realms within and beyond our own. I embrace feeling them, carefully opening myself to observe and see, if I can see and then what. I hope to let this light come in and shine onto our daily issues, recognizing more and more the nature of our material world and its processes. And I can tell you that it already illuminates aspects that I'm deeply grateful about seeing now.
Chiefly amongst them is the simple fact that our material realm overwhelms us, swallows our senses and demands great attention. To transcend those things virtuously, meaning not to abandon our portion of reality while experiencing even more profound elements of existence that are not immediately revealed into our consciousness, requires some great strength thus far, or rather as far as I can tell thus far. I also must conclude that there is a reason for it and it should not be dismissed. Our actual, functional or active purpose lies within this realm and not in any other, even if the result of it all is intended and will fulfill its purpose for the highest of realms.

The First Morning Alive...

Ok, ok, the esoteric component of this is, ehm...well...deeply profound. I'm sending a prayer and my love into their lives along with this little bit of memory. I helped them into this world and to their own little song, but other than that I'm ashamed I couldn't keep them with me. At least they are alive and well and will learn the rules of the street from mommy.

When does something become responsibility and how much wisdom is in fighting against the rules and rage of a furious landlord couple. I surrender to the will of local wisdom, even if it still escapes me somewhat. At least they cared enough to help me find them a place right away with a good neighbor. But I still feel underwhelmed by my inability to protect them all the way. Great encouragement to buy a home soon! Then I shall learn where the local wisdom comes from, hahaha. Oh dear...

Daily Sketch No.28

Well, today I'm making my first musical daily sketch. It's been a long time since I've made music with natural instruments, playing them in live on my keyboard and not just "painting" the sequences as I've done for years now. I'm still a bit rusty, but it's such a tremendous fun for me, I'm just happy right now. I hope you don't mind me bumping it straight into my daily philosophy sketches, but that's really where this belongs in my mind/heart/soul. Like a public journal of my journey I include this clumsy climb back onto the saddle of less geeky doodling, even while it's a bit out of control, still. In some ways it illustrates a lot of how I feel right now, floating a all this wealth of fields to study, observations, sensations, dreams and contemplations about the source, the unfolding, the manifesting, the realizing and the layers of speculations made by mind, by letting go and reconnecting to what was, what is and what will be.
When we look at free will, we assume that it is our permission to deviate from the great plan, but since it is part of the plan, it cannot really deviate. Instead it is the great plan experiencing itself and turning itself into the platform of correction and rejuvenation. Everyone of us represents the Will of God, in that regard, but our minds control the intensity of it coming through and may block its power due to memories of experiences that were not our own (the theories we're being taught, the images we see, the things we read). I would make that proposal that once we let go of purely foreign ideas and fallback through all the real experiences we've had into the sphere of our soul, away from our mind, we might find our genuine instructions and directions from the supernal source of our existence.
Why talk about all this?
Well, I'd imagine that I'm not the only one, who wonders every now and then, why such massive majority seems to think or accept things so very different from what we think, or how it could be reasonable to assume that one person could have a suggestion that deviates from the course of humanity at this time. I think that if certain feelings, recognitions and ideas are carefully carried through examinations for their validity, sincere altruism and diligent study, what ever becomes of them will be a genuine representation of God's Will, while it will only then truly gain hold and execution, once this is being recognized and adopted by an ever increasing group of people or rather peoples. Therefore the judgement is not yours to make, yours is the contemplation and all the due diligence.
There's naturally far more to this topic, but that's also what the comment section is for.... :o)

Daily Sketch No.27

On Religion

Religion, even if this sounds quite simple and obvious, is the attempt to connect the instrumental mind with the superior mind, or divine mind, the true Self. As we are being tossed into the water, our survival instincts allow us to learn swimming, but something has to give us direction, not only to swim back to safety, but even to use our ability to swim and dive for purposes beyond survival. Religion, however, provides direction to the shore and gives us a map of the ocean and the land. It also tries to explain to us that we are given all the choices to operate based on the best of our abilities within this world, but offers itself as source of orientation, should we somehow get lost on the open sea or even, if we're afraid to go into the water again.
Scripture, even if it is challenging to make sense of its allegory and symbolism, is offered as a key to open this sometimes seemingly closed door between our material reasoning faculties and the source of righteousness beyond them. With every attempt we make to understand the messages of ancient lecture, we gradually open this door wider and wider. Beyond ourselves is the very real concept of existence, the Self that is closest to the real meaning of all finality and it teaches us that there is no "us", but only One device, one entity that spread out and shuffles itself to reorganize the fragments of the divine structure into what shall become the new bridge within the Infinite. None of us is not part of all of us and our duty is to refine the perpetuation of this procedure with ever more satisfactorily qualities.
While seemingly all our time on Earth appears as the highest priority, its purpose can be corrupted by confusing it with being the only priority. It is, though, nothing but the means to an end from which our instrumental mind may not draw any conclusion of or about which it simply doesn't need to know anything of. But to realize this can help to put things back into perspective, to learn that the importance within life is not found within life, but outside of it, beyond it, transcending what our five senses offer us as definition. We are given great powers to operate within this life and- much as itself- it is all a matter of choice and dedication.
So, once the key is turned and the door begins to open, you may begin to appreciate the privilege and powers that are given to you, and you need to find and believe in the path you can pursue, the direction that comes to you naturally and rely on its merit, as it is not for the one body that is carried by the fragment of the universal soul that you represent as a human, but it is for the merit of all life, all fragments, humanity, the kingdom of life, the whole finite universe and eventually the Infinite itself.