Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brief Sketch on Soul and Bible

After I had realized the nature of soul and body, the true individual Self and its instrument, it became a deep part of my consciousness increasingly so day by day. Another part of my revelations included the understanding that it is our love and associated desires to the physical plane of existence that keeps us alive, but as the doctrine goes "as above so below" it is equally the love to our origin, our Creator, who or what is also our collective destiny, that sustains or maintains our sense of direction in life and a potential understanding of divine gratitude and appreciation.
So when I ran into this classic bible line again that goes, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'", I was somewhat baffled as to how well it made the distinction between, Soul, means of soul's communication with the physical incarnation (through the heart),  the physical instrument's body (your strength) and the physical instruments cognitive device (the mind) and the very important understanding that you can only truly love God, if you love all incarnations or members of life as the same, love your neighbor as yourself! Whether linguistically correct or splitting hairs, the " yourself" could be considered on a deeper level even more severe, realizing that you and your neighbor, meaning all of life, IS yourself. It also suggests rightfully that you cannot love yourself without loving your neighbor and- with any degree of awareness- this will also make you understand to love the Infinite, God, or which ever way your care to address the Most High causality of existence, everything in between and beyond.

I'm always a little sad that somehow non of the ancient deliveries cared to visualize those concepts explicitly, but simply assumed that you'll never understand the concept in its raw form and should at least act appropriately by being asked to, however coarsely. It isn't that everybody should be able to understand it in some scientific form, but that explanation should be easily available for those who cared.
Arguably, Qabalah is what provides access, if you happen to find to it, which was largely next to impossible for over 1000 years. Also, this may just apply to the "Christian" world, or Judeo-Christian world for that matter. Vedanta provides its own kind of access to what appears to be somehow almost scientific in some sense and does make it more explicit, regarding what we/you are in relation to the higher realms.
I found access because my soul literally dragged me into it over all these years and even decades for that matter. It's been pulling me and pushing me and juggled between prioritizing duties only to maintain a course that it wouldn't reveal to me fully until just a few years ago... or rather began to reveal. Now I just have to figure out what the true weight of my attention favors, awareness for myself to pursue a purpose known to me already or the sharing the path to the awareness as purpose itself. Why not all of it?

Anyway, there you have it... the Bible is "GEM"-packed with wisdom that tends to hide behind confusing and even objectionable story lines, images and dogmatic components. While in reality it really struggles to deliver to you a divine Truth not only undeniable, but fundamentally helpful.


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Nice. It's hard not to get hackles up when people start talking about the Bible, because there is so much cultural weight obscuring what the original authors new. And as you say, communicated it more as imperatives than a path to understanding.
Only recently did it finally click to me that Christ's "Dying unto one's self" is the same as Buddha's cessation of selfish craving. In the standard church upbringing, dying to yourself means doing what you're told and sacrificing your right to questioning, reason and discovery. Which, on the other hand, is its own way of following the dharma... it's like the bhagavad gita is the middle ground between the (bible) commandment to be as one's made to be and the (buddhist / brahmin ) path to true understanding of standing of being.
Anyway, thanks for sharing what you're discovering, it takes courage to shine your light that brightly. Found your blog because of your amazing paint program, staying for the insights.

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