Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daily Sketch No.29


Yes, yes, I know, this may seem a bit provocative at first glance, but bear with me for a moment, please!
I believe the world would spontaneously improve dramatically, once people began to realize that all religious scripture is meant to educate, to teach with wisdom an understanding about our origin, our way of functioning along with social purposes and our common divine purpose. Except for the authors of these doctrines, nothing within them is or has the need to be historical. Once upon a time people may have had little difficulty to communicate through metaphors and allegories, would probably talk about their morning by anthropomorphizing the grass, the sun and their breakfast cereals. But at some point this overt power of language became occult and words themselves became content more than their contextual meaning. And through it people had lost the teaching component and substituted it with laws to submit to by following literal instruction as opposed to comprehending their ideas.
And when the Jews fell deeper and deeper into such misunderstanding and nowhere was something to be found that could clarify the nature of scripture, Jesus was made up to be far more explicitly transcendental and spiritual in language. Yet, even that wasn't enough, since soon that, too, wasn't explicit enough and the meanings drifted, even fell fairly straight into the occult.
And when the world woke up for a brief second during the renaissance, they only figured out that the church was full of it and started to turn their back on the whole thing. Scripture became silly fairy tales of some arbitrarily oppressive nature and science was the only relevant truth seeking to seriously consider. And off went the baby with the bathwater- or what ever that expression was.
But, due to the infinite wisdom of existence, groups somehow maintained this then occult information in every major religion and slowly but surly it began to surface again until we find ourselves today, overwhelmed by revelations about the brilliance of ancient scripture, whether exposed to it and understood or by the translations through modern esoterica and the likes. But that which each religion had turned into its dogma somehow still is a tabu of some kind. If you bounce around and reveal that Jesus never was a living person, Moses a delivery method and Abraham a concept, you best wear good protection. Yet, when it comes to Adam and Eve, the picture it represents is probably the closest to historical relevance, even if the dates are obscure and pulled into great nonsense by pretty much all organized religions. They represent not just a prototype of human form, but they represent the only whole that we all are parts of. It's about as metaphysically historical as it gets, I'd assume, but people probably have an easier time to understand that than all other corrections.
Trust me, I'm biting my lips the whole way through, knowing of my arrogance to just write all this with such confidence, but whether it is true or not, it should emphasize the educational power, relevance and truth that one can expect to find in ancient scripture of all religions, once examined for its symbolic transmissions. This does benefit greatly from having a key, an anchor from which to observe the presented images and processes explained in scripture. I believe that one of the most brilliant aids one can find is the Kaballah's tree of life. Each point, each Sephirah, represents a step in the process of existence and is derived from the combined knowledge of ancient understanding. The organization of the tree alone creates a symbolism that helps to find all major religious symbols and assign meaning to them that maintains consistency with the information presented in the texts. I'm still in the process of studying the Sephirod, combined with the Hebrew alphabet and hopefully at some point the language, too, in hopes to encounter more of the wisdom that led to the concept of the tree of life.
But that, too, only reveals some aspects, even if probably most or all are truly relevant to our present state. My own key is a bit different and somehow even simpler, due to the fact that it is based on our present way of thinking, observing through something closer related to a scientific contemplation and observation. However, most important about it was that it gave me a key to the levels of existence that are discussed in scripture. And through it I began to embrace realms within and beyond our own. I embrace feeling them, carefully opening myself to observe and see, if I can see and then what. I hope to let this light come in and shine onto our daily issues, recognizing more and more the nature of our material world and its processes. And I can tell you that it already illuminates aspects that I'm deeply grateful about seeing now.
Chiefly amongst them is the simple fact that our material realm overwhelms us, swallows our senses and demands great attention. To transcend those things virtuously, meaning not to abandon our portion of reality while experiencing even more profound elements of existence that are not immediately revealed into our consciousness, requires some great strength thus far, or rather as far as I can tell thus far. I also must conclude that there is a reason for it and it should not be dismissed. Our actual, functional or active purpose lies within this realm and not in any other, even if the result of it all is intended and will fulfill its purpose for the highest of realms.


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