Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daily Sketch No.32

Creation out of Nothing. Creation out of Everything. Those are the two major vertical polarities of existence. In a hubris worthy of apology I might phrase it like this: God created us so that we create God. Maybe a little more humble in nature:Where there was Nothingness, Everything became to turn Everything into the bridge to Nothingness again.
But that's not the point of today's sketch. This is about the role and nature of consciousness. It is the evolution of a thought, which still has to keep growing to confirm its own validity, but it's ripe to be shared, if only to inspire contradiction, diversification, acceptance or simply dismissal by all of us.
I come to believe that consciousness is purely aware with its key potential to widen that awareness and come to ever greater clarity about the roles of stages higher and lower as well as itself.
Consciousness is not creative, but aids creativity.
Consciousness is not analytical, but guides analysis.
Consciousness is not emotional, but regulates emotion.
Consciousness does not decide, but informs decision.
Consciousness has no action, but seeks correction through it, or stands to be judged for them.
It is the bridge, the heart, the core of what receives formation, wired to the supernal origin, wired to the dense realm of matter, but born blind, numb, deaf and mute, waiting to receive its lessons on Earth and its grades from Heaven.
What we are here is the only way in which consciousness evolves. Nowhere else can it change, receive new experiences and receive the devices to understand its own purpose. Like an infant it drops out of the womb of God, and like any being it has to learn to see, learn to walk, learn to speak and learn to understand. It does so, however, not within one life, but over the course of great many lifetimes in the material sphere.
Consciousness is the Soul, like human are you. Die now as a human and you will be born with the same degree of awareness only to suffer again until you can continue to evolve "consciously". Live as long as possible and with proper readiness to learn, so that you be granted a continuation based on your degree of awareness rather than a correction for your failings. All the teachings that sound like blind devotion are probably mostly misunderstood, because they are supposed to humble us in order to accept our duties with some clarity about what they really are for. Nothing is for ourselves, we do not exist for our sake, but we're given the grace of love and joy, desire and passion in sustainable form, letting us know that the right thing is a good thing. Mistakes are there to help us understand, not to cull us from the process by some harsh judgement. We are, if you will, product of a requisition, written in the method of God for the process of Existence. Therefore none of us will ever have to fear being destroyed as individual consciousness, but should embrace the choice to avoid the pain of stagnation that comes, if we roll through life blindly, selfishly and ignorant to others and thereby to the whole. The fruit of our labor is not relevant to God directly, but relevant to our function, which is relevant to God. We are aware of our labor, but often unaware of our function, because this we do not have to be. It might help us to understand more of this, but it is not a requirement, because we are created with the intrinsic power to function. Only our infantile confusion about the rewarding sense of joy and corrupting power of desire can have us ignore or even fight this power to function. But this I will leave to other sketches, those from before and those to come.


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